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    Sen. Sanders: Stand With Nissan Workers(videos and pics)




    At a time when the middle class of this country is shrinking and too many working people are struggling to make ends meet, when they are worried about the cost of health care, education for their kids and a dignified retirement, I am proud to stand with everyone who is fighting for dignity on the job and the right to join a union at Nissan.


    What Nissan workers in Mississippi are doing takes real courage. They are standing up to a powerful multi-billion dollar global corporation and they are doing that in a state government hostile to the needs of working people and unions. They are standing up to a state government for their kids and their families. They are standing up for economic and racial justice. They are standing up for exploited workers all across the country, many of who have lost hope, and who will be looking at Canton to see if working people can take on a powerful global corporation and secure justice. If Mississippi Nissan workers succeed, it will send a powerful message in the south and across this country that working people are prepared to fight for justice and for a fair share of the economic pie.




    Let us be very clear: Despite all of the lies and misinformation that have been spread, Nissan has union representation in 42 out of 45 of its plants around the world. It has a union in Japan. It has a union in France. It has a union in England, Australia, and Spain. If it can negotiate with unions all around he world, surely it can negotiate with a union in Canton, Mississippi.

    But today, Nissan is doing everything that it can to deny workers in the south the right to join a union and bargain collectively for higher wages, safer working conditions, decent health care and a secure retirement.






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    1. May he live forever! Who else with the name recognition is doing this?

    Hillary Clinton (don’t make me laugh — too busy b***ing wall street for cash)

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      2. Yep, we'll still need poor Bernie out there doing this when he's 100

      Because nobody else fking will!

      • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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        3. hopefully many will pick up the torch before then…