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  • caliny (2375 posts)
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    Sen. Sanders: We need to get our priorities right

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  • ThouArtThat (6651 posts)
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    1. For The 1% – Priorities Are Just Fine – All A Matter Of Perspective

    Until the 99% decide they have had enough, nothing will change and enslavement will continue.

    "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
  • Fordfairlanestl (1485 posts)
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    2. Priorities?

    I’m guessing we don’t have our priorities set at all. Nothing against Oprah, but can someone explain how a 5 minute speech overrides 40 years of the most honest politician on the planet?

    Yeah, we really need to get our priorities right. Big time.

    There is no one like Bernie Sanders. NO ONE!!! I ONLY vote for grass root "progressive" politicians that support: "Single Payer", "Tuition Free College",and "15 bucks an hour". The cause is right!!  The time is NOW!!! That is all.....   Have a great day.
    • Ferd Berfel (6135 posts)
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      3. ^^^^this^^^^^


      …and you think you’re going to stop this simply by ‘pulling a lever’, in a booth, behind a curtain, every 2 years? - Know yourself. And if you need help with that, call the FBI. -  There is only ONE solution to this mess:  New Party !  
    • INTJ (3275 posts)
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      7. When your empty canteened and very thirsty you run toward hints of water.

      But the parched places in America often produce mirages.

      Oh!  Look under your chair! that’s the latest in National Health Care! from Dr Oz!

      Consider the policy?  Hey, choosing to run on Identity Politics -IS- a policy decision.  
  • quinn (292 posts)
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    • caliny (2375 posts)
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      6. Thank you Quinn for the link

      :hi: :hug:

  • 3FingerBrown (636 posts)
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    5. I hope he is speaking

    to the democrats, since their only priorities seem to be Russia, Russia, Trump tweet, latest shitty possible presidential candidate.