Senior Tory MP backed paper calling for UK intervention to remove ‘Scottish nationalist bias’ from classrooms

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      Personal backstory: A few days ago I got my Ancestry DNA ethnicity test back, and I’m 45% Scottish! Throw in the Irish and Welsh(which was a total but pleasant surprise), and I’m mostly Celtic. So I thought I’d look at some of their media sources and found this jewel about stupidly insidious Tories:

      (The Scotsman) The paper, by the Council on Geostrategy, has been endorsed by Andrew Bowie, a Scottish Conservatives MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine and a vice-chair of the UK Conservatives, who wrote a foreword for the publication.

      The paper – titled ‘How ‘progressive ‘ anti-imperialism threatens the United Kingdom’ – urges the UK Government to “provision an entity within civil society to conduct a review of the way in which history of Britain is actually taught in Scottish school classrooms, with a view to maintain political neutrality, exposing any undue Scottish nationalist bias”.

      Written by academics Doug Stokes, Professor of International Security at Exeter University, and Nigel Biggar, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Oxford University, it adds that many Scottish nationalists “equate Britain with empire, and empire with evil, seeing Scotland’s possible independence as part of the progressive arc of history”.


      (Scottish National Party) MSP Rona Mackay said: “This paper is so spectacularly ill-informed about the historical, political and democratic case for independence it is hard to know where to begin. But the fact that senior Scottish Tories are actively encouraging the suggestion that Boris Johnson should start meddling in Scotland’s schools by forcing teachers to deliver a Tory-led version of history almost beggars belief.

      Full story here.

      And I thought British Tories were smarter than American Republicans. Silly me. First Boris Johnson, now this. How the mighty have fallen.


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      We’re in good company Barbarian…me too!!! LOL I tell my son to be proud because for such a small geographical foot print that little bit of land has produced some amazing people…the Scots are everywhere in history. LOL

      The DNC “big tent” excludes Nina Turner but includes John Kasich.
      God, guns, and gobbledygook...we live in an aquarium of nightmares.

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