Seniors’ Medicare Benefits Are Being Privatized Without Consent

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      The development represents a troubling new dimension in the fight by corporate interests to privatize Medicare, the federal health insurance program for people 65 or older. Medicare Advantage, which allows for-profit health insurers to offer privatized benefits through Medicare, already results in unexpected costs for routine procedures and wrongful denials of care. Private plans have cost Medicare an astonishing $143 billion since 2008, and are now driving some health insurers’ record profits.

      The new Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) program similarly adds a private-sector third party between patients and Medicare services. Medicare allows these intermediary companies to offer unique benefits, like gym membership coverage. But as for-profit operations ranging from private insurers to publicly traded companies to private equity firms, these intermediaries are incentivized to limit the care that patients receive, especially when they are very sick.

      While Medicare Advantage patients choose to sign up for private insurance plans, patients are being enrolled in these DCE health care plans without their informed consent. As Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) noted in a January op-ed, “Seniors in traditional Medicare may be ‘auto-aligned’ to a DCE if any primary care physician they’ve visited in the past two years is affiliated with that DCE. That means Medicare automatically searches two years of seniors’ claims history without their full consent to find any visits with a participating DCE provider as the basis for enrollment.”

      Among those who unexpectedly found themselves caught up in one of these new DCE plans is Suzanne Gordon, a policy analyst based in Richmond, California. Gordon spent her entire professional career studying the U.S. health care system and advocating for Medicare for All. As a firm opponent of privatization in Medicare, she has never signed up for a for-profit Medicare Advantage plan.

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      I didn’t pay into a trust to have someone carve out services to be siphoned into the private sector. Many sell-out actors and personalities get a pay check for their advertisements, selling this crap.

      Rick Scott, now a US Senator (see the connection to getting rich?) stole $300 million from his stock in Columbia/HCA shares. Did he go to jail for this? Hahahahahahaha!

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      From poking around insurance company websites, looks like the initial plan is to keep as much “care” as possible with the primary doctor, and skimp on specialists.  Before this plan, specialist referrals generated more money from Medicare; now, that is just spending their own money.  What could possible go wrong.  This is by and from Obama AND Trump AND Biden.  For money.  There is no lesser evil any more.  And Biden is as corrupt, or even more corrupt, than any of the others.  I am trying to think of what area of our lives will not be fucked up – austerity and warmongering and privatized Medicare right off the fucking bat.  Social Security next…..???  That has always been a target Biden wanted to demolish, and he is quite proud of that.  His campaign pandering is just lies.  IMO, etc.

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      And now he’s doing it and most of the corporate media isn’t even mentioning it, because Russia! In a few months, it will be because of Whatever Cause of the Day!

      He’s a nasty son of a bitch.

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