September 8, 2021 is Bernie’s 80th birthday!

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      We could have had an eighty year old president in office today, who would have been, ahem, a clearer thinker than the present one.

      What could have been…

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      Not saying every problem in the US would have been fixed already, but you can bet your soul that the US would have been much better off in 2021, if this were the 5th year of a Sanders presidency.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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        earlier in the decade I was involved in transit activism (Exxon and Chevron aren’t just pouring all those fossil fuels into a ditch somewhere and lighting it on fire for the kicks) and some councilmembers said privately they were now convinced by the need for the rail line, but they’d been on record as opposing it, and if the voters rode it they’d like it, wonder why they didn’t have this a decade earlier, and punish them in November: that’s how it works

        so in retrospect we’ve seen the weaknesses of the movement, but IF we finally pummeled Congress into M4A–the Presidential bully pulpit, arm-twisting since he’d control the DNC, direct protests at their offices–there’d be no going back; we’d have a real healthcare system supported by 70% of the country, and the other 30% would love it without realizing that’s what they’re protesting as the new Khmer Rouge or whatever Mark Levin ranted about last night

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