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    Sergei Skripal – There’s More To This Story Than Meets The Eye

    As we mentioned in our report last week “What You Are NOT being Told About Russian Spy Sergei Skripal” – it should not be forgotten that Skripal is a traitor who sold the identities of dozens of Russian agents abroad to the UK, in exchange for hard cash. This may very well have caused the deaths of some of those Russian agents operating in conflict zones. Skripal is also a known double agent – or double traitor. Without doubt, Skripal had enemies, probably quite a few.

    There are many permutations as to who his attempted murderer may be.

    Accusations and speculation are rife, with little hard evidence being made public other than some basic details. Russia is disputing their involvement.

    U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said, “That forensic analysis has revealed the presence of a nerve agent and the incident is therefore being treated as attempted murder.”


    (Note: This news article includes much of the info we know, much of it not in the mainstream press, and does so pretty even handedly. If you want to know about most of the pieces this is a good read – ThinkingANew)

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