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Home Main Forums General Discussion Sessions versus Lynch: Who Cares?

  • IdaBriggs (750 posts)
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    Sessions versus Lynch: Who Cares?

    I think the summary is “Lynch is black and Sessions is a southern racist.”

    HOWEVER, under Lynch

    1) Fergusan happened, Black Lives Matters happened, and zero federal prosecutions for unarmed people of any color being killed by police officers.

    2) She met with the high profile spouse of an FBI criminal investigation subject, was publicly offered a job by that same subject, and apparently her DOJ staff was more concerned with “rising in the ranks” than supporting FBI investigations about the Clintons with standard tools like “convening a grand jury”.

    3) Under Lynch’s reign, federal prison populations continued to incarcerate citizens at insane rates. Specifically,

    Number Of People Serving Time For Drug, Violent, Property, and Other Offenses In US Prisons

    Federal Prisons:
    “Almost 50% (92,000 prisoners) of sentenced federal prisoners on September 30, 2015 (the most recent date for which federal offense data are available) were serving time for drug offenses (table 10) (appendix table 6). An additional 36% of federal offenders (67,500 prisoners) were imprisoned for public order offenses, including 30,200 (16% of all federal prisoners) for weapons offenses and 14,900 (8%) for adjudicated immigration crimes. While 53% of sentenced state prisoners were serving time for violent offenses, 7% of federal prisoners (13,700 prisoners) were serving sentences for violent crimes.
    “Among female federal prisoners, 59% were serving sentences for drug offenses, compared to 49% of males. A larger proportion of white prisoners in federal prison (42%) were serving time for public order offenses on September 30, 2015 than blacks (32%) or Hispanics (37%). More than half of black (51%) and Hispanic (58%) federal prisoners in 2015 were convicted of drug offenses.”

    – See more at: http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Prisons_and_Drugs#sthash.mk0vWicD.dpuf

    My point? I’m totally willing to give anyone other than a “Clinton Supporting Democrat” the damn job. Maybe with that “scary R” after their name, the “Ds” will actually GIVE A SHIT again instead of using good marketing to cover bad policy problems.


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12 replies
  • azurnoir (1539 posts)
    Profile photo of azurnoir Donor

    1. my feelings exactly – I've come to the conclusion that its not the

    actual action(s) that matter as much as what letter is after the name of person committing them and the media hype surrounding them

  • jdpriestly (4426 posts)
    Profile photo of jdpriestly Donor

    2. At one time in my life, I lived in Alabama, and I don't want Sessions to be the

    attorney general.  He grew up in the racist culture of Alabama.  It’s hard to unlearn that.  I went there as a teenager and was never a part of that racist culture.  But Sessions is.  He has proved that in his adult life.  He should not be attorney general.

    You are right, however.  The Obama administration, in spite of African-American attorney generals did not do nearly enough to fight racism in our country.

    So I care.  I do not want a southern racist attorney general.  No way.  It will set back race relations in our country at least 70 years.  And that is dangerous.

    No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
    • Cassiopeia (1412 posts)
      Profile photo of Cassiopeia

      4. How?

      The few protections poc currently have are already settled law.  It’s not like Sessions can overturn those laws.

      Sessions is just a continuation of what we had for the last 3 decades.  I don’t see how he can do much more damage than anyone else has.

      • jdpriestly (4426 posts)
        Profile photo of jdpriestly Donor

        8. Prosecutorial discretion. The attorney general has some say as to whether laws

        are enforced by the federal government or not.  Think of the deals made with the big banks, etc.

        No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
        • Cassiopeia (1412 posts)
          Profile photo of Cassiopeia

          9. Yeah, in other words

          things are probably not going to change all that much.  We’ll continue to be screwed and the 1% will continue to have the courts helping them pillage everything.

          • jdpriestly (4426 posts)
            Profile photo of jdpriestly Donor

            11. It will get worse.

            The only good side is that he probably was, as was I in Alabama high school government classes, inculcated with the doctrine of states’ rights.  That will be good for California because we want to exercise our state’s rights if the federal government wants to restrict them under Trump as it probably will.

            No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
  • Enthusiast (6093 posts)
    Profile photo of Enthusiast Donor

    3. I appreciate your point.

    But I think Sessions will prove that he is even worse. After all, he is an inbred mouthbreather.

    "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church
  • Sadie (3051 posts)
    Profile photo of Sadie Donor

    5. I find it interesting

    and really do not have feelings one way or the other about Sen. Sessions, but Hillary was confirmed as SOS without one single question on her racist past.  Just seems sort of hypocritical.




      Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
  • Herman4747 (938 posts)
    Profile photo of Herman4747

    6. willing to give anyone other than a “Clinton Supporting Democrat” the damn job?

    I’m not.  Nor evidently is Coretta Scott King, who undoubtedly believes black lives matter.

    Coretta Scott King: Jeff Sessions would ‘irreparably damage’ my husband’s work

    Just about all Trump nominees should be protested, because he has a strong tendency to choose unqualified, messed up people.



    • IdaBriggs (750 posts)
      Profile photo of IdaBriggs

      7. Her testimony from 1986? My eyes are rolling.

      I stand by “who cares?” The bar is low.

    • jdpriestly (4426 posts)
      Profile photo of jdpriestly Donor

      12. So true.

      “Just about all Trump nominees should be protested, because he has a strong tendency to choose unqualified, messed up people.”




      No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
  • FanBoy (6412 posts)
    Profile photo of FanBoy

    10. that's one of our few hopes — that without cover, the d's will actually

    be forced to do something when folks complain about the Donald’s legislation.

    I hope the mothers bleed from all their bodily orifices for all the hurt they’ve done — to americans, to second and third worlders, to the ecosystem, to everyone and everything.