Share Vaccine Recipes With Poor During Pandemic? One of World’s Richest Men Bill Gates Says ‘No’

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      “The poverty of vision from [Gates] and other ‘leaders’ has been astounding,” added Buryani. “Smallpox, Polio, both had joined-up responses that shared knowledge and technology across the world. We’re happy to let the *pharma* market sort out the biggest crisis of our lifetimes. Totally on autopilot.”

      While public health experts agree that developing nations may not have the current know-how or capacity to produce advanced vaccines at scale, they argue that is also the result of policy choices that governments and others have made. Earlier this month 66 organizations called on the U.S. to initiate a global vaccine manufacturing program that, in tandem with patent waivers and recipe sharing, would pave the way for ramped up capacity.

      “The U.S. government has helped produce hundreds of millions of vaccine doses for people living in the U.S., on a relatively short timeline. The same is needed—and within reach—for all countries,” said Peter Maybarduk, director of Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines program, at the time. “The key missing ingredient is ambitious political leadership, to end the pandemic for everyone, everywhere.”

      Meanwhile, in a detailed online social media thread earlier this month, journalist and activist Cory Doctor stated that while numerous “people helped create our ‘Vaccine Apartheid,’ the single individual who did the most to get us here is Bill Gates, through his highly ideological ‘philanthropic’ foundation, which exists to push his pitiless doctrine of unfettered monopoly.”

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      opinion is worth as much – and no more – than any other private citizen. Money doesn’t make you an expert.
      That man has had many more failures than successes, but he can’t resist sticking his nose into everything.
      I really wish he would just STFU.

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