Shit. Now I'm getting sick.

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      So Far From Heaven
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      How is this for a real shit deal, everyone???

      Health insurance companies are making profits off of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      No shit. THEY’RE making fucking money off of the crises. How you might ask????

      By not doing elective surgeries, the insurance industry is raking in lots and lots of moolah. I mean, I have a hernia and there isn’t one snowballs chance in hell I’m gonna go get it fixed till there is a vaccine for this shit. In fact, I already cancelled two doctors appointments cause I ain’t gonna go anywhere near a fucking doctors office complex or hospital in the near future.

      That would be inviting getting this shit which would definitely kill me.

      Check this shit out:

      U.S. health insurers benefit as elective care cuts offset coronavirus costs

      Now, someone please tell me again why Bernie dropped out.

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      SinMentiras SinVerguenza
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      I woke up for 5 1/2 years stuffing my intestine back into my bellybutton, putting a sock in the cavity and a surgical binder around the whole mess.  I feel terribly for you.  Worse yet, it was as the stupid Mitt Hussein Medical Act was being put in place.  That’s why I’m here.  Because M4A is essential to healing our sick ass joke of a society.  So Bernie, you’re going to be gone in 10 -20 years tops.  Throw caution to the wind, round up Brie, Rho, and Nina and go out with a skyrocket instead of a “fizzler”.   But I’m afraid that his “taking on the insurance industry, the military-industrial complex, and fossil fuel companies only holds if they are not “his friend”.   For “his friend” to rape the rest of the hurting population like he did Tara Reade is fine.   It’s fucking insane.   To pledge fealty to a criminal, after having run on an anti-criminal platform IS ITSELF CRIMINAL!!!!   It’s infuriating as fuck and getting worse by the minute.  The key to our frustration and it’s unknown cause IS THE MONEY.  Bernie started to get LOTS OF IT.  And he spent it on the Democratic Corrupt Consultancy Class (DCCC) and the Democrats that Suck Consultancy Class (DSCC) who turned around and spent it buying targeted ads on FaceBook and Google.  It is beyond words – how poor Bezos employees contributed to the ad revenue of Zuckerberg, Schmidt, et. al.   Toward the end, there were 3 or 4 ads an episode that Google would use to interrupt the TYT, Dore, Doel, etc. in such a fashion that it became very annoying to see the “I’ve got a favor to ask of you ….” over and over and ….  Worse yet, if we have reached a point where the individuality of each ad is targeted and tailored to each person on the internet, what’s to say that they don’t take out the demographics on Bernie supporters who have not yet joined and contributed.  Then they use an algorithm to flood their browsing so that they get to the point that says, “If I see ONE MORE BERNIE ad!!!”  Fucking genius.  Using Bernie Bucks to get Berners to get fed up with Bernie.  Fucking Evil Genius worthy of the greatest of Evil worthless fucks like Bezos, Gates, and company.   I’m at the edge of the SinMentiras vocabulary trying to express how fucked up this is.

      Rant OFF — Oh, and I hope you get that taken care of soon cause I truly sympathize.

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