Short-Term Fixes Aren’t Enough to Solve America’s Looming Eviction Crisis

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      A national right to counsel would also give renters a fairer shot in the justice system. Most landlords in eviction cases are represented by counsel, but renters can rarely afford lawyers and often aren’t aware of their rights. In response, local governments, like Maryland and San Francisco, have adopted policies and funded programs that guarantee representation for every renter facing eviction. Early data from these programs show promising results in preventing evictions, and many landlords are more likely to participate in mediation with tenants when they are represented.

      The civil courts that administer evictions also need to work more closely with housing and social service practitioners, including housing assistance and financial counseling administrators, and with case workers who can connect evicted tenants to new housing opportunities. One way to do this is by setting up eviction diversion programs that offer services to landlords and their tenants, including requiring mediation and rental assistance before an eviction can proceed. At least 47 such programs already exist in state and city court systems across the United States. These types of programs can promote judicial fairness by reorienting the goal of court proceedings to promote housing stability while balancing the landlord’s property rights.

      Finally, and most importantly, all of these steps are necessary because we don’t have a strong housing safety net. If the government were to expand rental assistance permanently to the many households who qualify, but who normally don’t receive assistance due to a lack of funding to cover the need, there would be fewer evictions for nonpayment of rent and greater housing stability.

      The impending end to the national moratorium puts millions of American families at risk of eviction if they cannot access emergency rent relief in time. But this ticking clock shouldn’t keep policymakers and local leaders from addressing the broader eviction crisis affecting the country. Long-term solutions are the only way to guarantee every family has a home, not only during a pandemic, but always.

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      Once out on the street it is very hard to get back on your feet. I am so lucky that my family stepped ahead. My daughter is now fixing an apartment in her basement for me so I do not have to live with anyone else. My other daughter had spent $10,000 dollars remodeling an old cabin on their property and it was a beautiful tiny house but their wicked witch of a neighbor did not want anyone living in it so she insisted that the county condemn it and get me out of there. So that very livable tiny house is now setting there empty. Most people do not have someone to rescue them when they are on the streets.


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      The average Social Security check is $1300-plus change.
      The average one bedroom in my city is $1800-plus change.

      Do the fucking math, Amerikkkastan! Of the 20 largest cities in America, there is not a single one where a person could survive on the average Social Security payment, without other government assistance, INCLUDING HOUSING ASSISTANCE! What’s your solution? Go fucking retire in Timbuk-fucking-tu??? That is not feasible without AN AUTOMOBILE! One either lives in the city . . . where everything costs too much to survive, or one lives in the middle of fucking nowhere . . . where everything costs too much to fucking survive! Our future looks darker every day.

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