Should Bernie Sanders Run for President Again? – 2020 Election

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      vote for nobody

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      if not Bernie?  No one else comes close.

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      Statistically speaking, the chances of Bernie serving an 8 year term at his age are questionable at best. So he has to be able to “pass the torch” to somebody whose worthy, if he should leave office after one term.

      The DLC types would pretend to be OK with Bernie as nominee, as long as their puppet was in the VP slot….. sort of like the conservative “Democrats” of the 1940s made sure Henry Wallace was NOT Vice President when FDR began his 4th term, and it was clear that he probably wouldn’t survive that term.

      Bernie (last I heard) was in very good health for a man of his age, but let’s be honest… the President gig ages even the best of them prematurely.

      As Bernie has often said himself, it’s more about “the movement” than about just him…. but it’s also true that “the movement” doesn’t really have anybody else who has the national recognition to lead it as of yet.  Hopefully such people will emerge, and one of them can be Vice President in 2020.

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      –of people in their 70’s who have the stamina for the job.

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