Singapore’s 15-Story Car Vending Machine

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      Dreaming of the matchbox cars he had as a child, Gary Hong, the manager of Autobahn Motors made a car vending machine to remind him of the many boyhood hours he spent imaging he was driving his dream car. He now owns the 15-story car vending machine in Singapore.

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      Does it take quarters?

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      and it’s bizarre enough for me. It’s only 4 stories.

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      is supposedly the way everyone will be buying cars soon.  no more dealerships, big capital takes all the spoils.

      capitalism is eating everything.

      the Wikipedia page on carvana is interesting:


      Ernest Garcia II, b 1956/7, Net worth $4.2 B

      <b>Ernest Garcia II</b> (born 1956/1957) is an American billionaire used car businessman, the owner of DriveTime, and the chairman of Carvana, son of Ernest Garcia, who owned a liquor store, and was once the mayor of Gallup, New Mexico.

      (I checked old papers for Garcia mayors of Gallup and found an Emmett Garcia as mayor in 1973 in the NYT (the mayor was abducted by an “Indian”); that would be more than 40 years ago, when this guy was in his 20s.  time fits but not sure its the dad or even related.  Found another mayor E. Garcia of Gallup, not an Ernest, who retired to Tempe, in funeral notices 2011.  Again, not sure hes a relative, Garcia is a common name, but the Tempe retirement is suggestive.  A lot of E. Garcias mayoring in Gallup though.  Found a Frank as well, all on page 1 of hits:

      A young Indian activist resorts to violence in making his case for the mistreatment of Navajos in the so-called “Indian Capital of the World.” He dies in a police shoot-out following his abduction of the mayor. Another activist shoots the mayor, who survives his wounds but soon suffers a stunning political defeat. This historical novel uses actual court documents, newspaper reports, and new in-person interviews to tell the tragically true 1973 story…


      In October 1990, Garcia, then a Tucson-based real estate developer pleaded guilty to bank fraud, following the failure of Charles Keating’s Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. Garcia “fraudulently obtained a $30-million line of credit in a series of transactions that also helped Lincoln hide its ownership in risky desert Arizona land from regulators.” Garcia spent three years on probation, and he and his firm filed for bankruptcy.

      In 1991, he bought Ugly Duckling, a bankrupt rent-a-car franchise, for under $1 million and merged it with his own fledgling finance company, and turned it into a company selling and financing used cars for sub-prime buyers with poor credit history.  He is married, and lives in Tempe, Arizona. His son, Ernest Garcia III, is CEO of Carvana.

      Garcia owns an apartment in New York’s Trump Tower.


      Ernest 2 1990, in bankruptcy, convicted of financial crime with 3 years of probation facing him.  1991, buys new company and makes more money (Drive Time = US 4th-biggest used car dealer).  How does that happen?


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