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      So Far From Heaven
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      I have been getting a ton of notices of members having problems accessing the site.

      Here is what I have found.

      Most, if not all, of the members are receiving failure to get a response and their browsers time out. This may come in several forms from differing OS and browser applications, but no one has sent in anything that says that they are denied access from us, JPR.

      I have zero clue as to the cause of this problem, and I have found only one thing that was a scheduled event concerning the site infrastructure happening at this time (the last several days) and it involves migration of a specific dashboard we have for maintaining the site.

      Here is one of our notices from the server maintenance company gurus sent to me:

      Hello (my name),
      We hope you are enjoying managing your servers and web applications with (service).

      We would like to inform you that on 17-20 August 2020, there will be scheduled infrastructure migration for (services) dashboard.

      We are performing this migration to move and upgrade (service) infrastructure to Amazon Web Service (AWS). With (service’s) growth this year and many incoming features, we need to ensure that we can provide the best experience for all of our users.

      There will be no downtime and (service) dashboard will always be accessible during this migration. But we would like to apologize for any fluctuation or intermittent issue when accessing (services) dashboard during the 72 hours migration window.

      Be rest assured that all of your own servers and web applications will run normally and not affected by this migration process.

      Just remember, that this is a migration concerning OUR (admin) portal software to access and work on the code at the server level without actually having to log in at our site server as a root account which is cumbersome at best, and prone to a load of errors happening. As stated, this migration has ZERO to do with the site servers which are entirely different and hosted by other companies on different farms.
      Please bear with me on this. I shall plod away at trying to find out what the fuck is happening. There is one other route that this can occur due to security plugins that Deadpool installed. I am beginning work on those as I write this.
      Here is one thing that I know for sure: I have had zero, nada, access problems for JPR since we migrated to this web site server company.
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      Ohio Barbarian
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      I appreciate you making the announcement.

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      I will make sure to send another donation next month to help.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      I’m so NOT coding/site admin savvy, but I try to be a fair mod while you continue to be a great administrator.


      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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        So Far From Heaven
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        You’re a great mod. And I’m floundering around like a fish outta the water here.

        My ‘coding’ expertise runs out at Fortran.

        I’m way too old for this new shit. And I don’t have the patience to learn anything like that any more.

        BUT. I shall struggle on.

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      I tried posting Mike Malloy last night and I got  This post is awaiting moderation.

      Not sure if I  missed something and if this is new or just I get this.  Thanks

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      Homer Ramone
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      there is no menu icon. When I refresh the screen, it appears for a split second and disappears again…

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      @caliny Don’t worry if that happens. We’ll clear it. It happens to N2Doc and his tunes all the damned time.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail the revolution.--Fred Hampton

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      I will try to post again tonight

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      I wanted to donate but I know longer have a drop down window.

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        So Far From Heaven
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        I didn’t either yesterday @iwalani .

        However, it’s there this morning. Most puzzeling because I didn’t do jack to either lose it or get it back. I was going to work on it the morning and lo and behold the damn thing was right where it was supposed to be. (I’ve been updating the program almost continuously for over a month and I thought I’d screwed it up.)

        If you would be so kind, please try again and tell me if it drops down. Admins have slightly different interfaces with this site and sometimes members get things differently than we do.



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      I have the same exact thing on my iPhone as Homer Remone

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      Jim Lane
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      It’s so minor that my only reason to mention it is the possibility that another data point will help your diagnosis.

      First, for a day or so earlier this week, I couldn’t open the site at all, but that ended for me as for many others who reported it.

      What happens now: On my Windows 10 laptop, I usually surf using the Comodo IceDragon browser, currently version (64-bit). According to Wikipedia, this browser is based on Firefox. When I go to there are no drop-down menus displayed – just the Logout button and the button to its left showing how many unread notifications/messages I have. I have to type “latest” at the end of the URL to see the listings of recent topics and replies.

      But when I open Microsoft Edge and go to I see the full panoply of drop-down menus. I see “Latest” so I can get there with one click. Also, as an even more minor addendum to a minor problem, in IceDragon the box to the left of Logout has just a little stylized head-and-shoulders icon, but in Edge that box displays my name.

      I have a few other browsers loaded. If a comprehensive survey would give you useful information, let me know.

      I have never tried to access JPR on my cell phone.

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        So Far From Heaven
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        All info like this is useful. Unfortunately, there are a vast number of browsers and some will have problems with various sites. Although we have made every effort to alleviate this problem, it’s never going to be bullet proof because of the variations in browser code.

        I don’t use a cell phone except to turn it on for emergencies. I hate the damn things. Turn it on and everything you ever thought of as personal is gone that fast. Unless you invest in a throw away company.

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      My experience is same as rocky and homer, android, no drop down menu, etc

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      I still can’t donate 😔 the drop down window runs away lol

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      I’ll be here, and grateful for JPR.


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      Hi sffh,

      Observed behavior for this user is as follows:

      1) drop down menus appear and react to mouse clicks
      2) some menus when clicked lead to error notification
      3) error notification is “Page Not Found”

      So for example, when the “Latest” menu tab is selected it leads to “Page Not Found”.

      When the “Boards” sub menu is selected, it leads to the expected web page.

      Similar behavior is seen with other top level menus and also with some sub-menus.


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      page not found error when choosing ‘Latest’.

      Not sure if necessary, but Win 10, Firefox.

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