Site problems or changes (hoping SFFH has a huge supply TUMS at his disposal)

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      When I Submit an Original Posting I receive 504 gateway timeout. The OP post, but I am on an Error Page. Does that mean I was a bad boy and need to go to the corner?

      When a person clicked onto a hotlink on this site to another site, another tab would open up with the off site page. Does this mean you want me to stay on the other site?

      On the members (or are we participants now) profile box there was a @{profile name}, the reason for this as a problem is because the profile name and the alert name in some cases are different. Plus the convince of having @{contact name} without going to a different page. Oarrr, are we no longer supposed to send forget-me-nuts to other members.

      Because Deadpool is vacationing at work this moment and is out of contact, I must say this in his absence, FIX THE FUCKING NOTIFICATIONS!

      Your Truly,



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      But the OP does consistently post. Just FYI, @sffh . A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t post an OP at all, so you did something right.

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      So Far From Heaven
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      Duly noted. I already on that. Notifications were my numero uno concern but we had to spend all our excess money on getting a true testing and staging site (on the same server as the site, which is dedicated to JPR exclusively) set up so we can work on this stuff without taking the chance of losing everything. I am being as honest as I possibly can here. Included in all that was setting up an off-server backup. Our expert mandated those two major constructs to be installed before any further major code work was done because of testing issues and crash susceptibility. Oh, and all kinds of other little stuff.

      Just so we can do the hard core fix to notifications. Notifications is a construct of blog software and it is completely inadequate for our site. That means we have to make our own core program for notifications. But we can’t put it in the back-end code. It has to be developed as a front end program set known as a plugin. Why?

      Because the very next update to the back end code would erase everything we did. Every last time the primary program updated.

      So, I hear you.

      Loud and clear.

      And I’m trying to get enough donations to pay for the work to get it done, after the disastrous amounts we HAD to spend in order for us to play with this stuff. Again, if not, we stand a VERY good chance of losing the entire site and having to rework the whole thing from the bottom up.

      I must beg for your patience. It won’t be long. Like about a month. ‘Cause our hired gun can’t finish it faster than that.

      You got a time out because we have some absolutely strange gremlin wandering around wanting to cause trouble. We haven’t been able to locate his whereabouts yet but his time is limited before I crush him like a bug. The post will actually post. Then it snags and doesn’t get back to you causing the timeout.

      I just edit my url to the site and go back to the home page. It doesn’t happen very often to me. About once every two days at most. And I post a lot of stuff. Like I said, it’s a gremlin that refuses to stand still long enough for me to shoot the shit outta it.

      No, I don’t want you to stay on the other site. We have set up links opening to another page for quite some time now. Most members thought that it was preferable to always having to go back to get where they started. I also agree with making links open in another page. But then, I’m lazy. When I’m done with it, I just kill it.

      The membername part of the avatar area was lost during the last updates as well. That’s what we get when we hack code in to the backend like I was telling you about above. It will reappear in the next two plugins as front end code so we don’t lose it again.

      Tums aren’t strong enough. After my heart attack last year, I got some really good pharma grade shit.

      I need all I can get while my son is ‘on vacation’. He’s actually working himself to death. Otherwise, I’d kill him.

      Anything else I can answer for you?

      By the way. When was the last time you ever got the real honest truth from any other site? We have some issues, but we are the most honest, open and family like discussion board on the planet.

      Give me a bit more time and you’ll love it.

      I promise.

      I already told the kid that notifications were my number one priority before he got slammed at work, that they were going to cost an arm and a leg, and that he has no choice but to wave one arm and hop on one foot. He agreed.


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