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      So Far From Heaven
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      We are making progress. It may seem slow to everyone, but we are actually getting some very important pieces put together for version 4.0. It won’t be long now and a friendlier JackPine Radicals will be yours to enjoy. Better font sizes so you can actually see what someone has to say. And you can actually see what you are writing. But that is just the start.

      We have the help of a gunslinger. A really good gunslinger, in fact. The past few weeks has been spent trying to alleviate two problems at the same time. Using the prototype JPR v4.0, we have concentrated on posting issues and site security. As everyone knows, the current JPR has filters that look for usual spam content along with those naughty fucking words and it sort of moans and groans and nothing happens to your post. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to actually get some red warning box telling you that the authorities are tracing your address and are coming for you or something like that. We learned through our programmer that the word “socialist” was blocked as spam because it contained the sequential letters “cialis”. No s h i t.

      As I attempted to explain a while back, this ‘feature’ is in fact what is considered to be the best protection against spammers. So let’s talk about this spam shit for a minute. I actually like spam, especially fried up nice with hash browns and eggs. And some toast. And gallons of coffee.

      O-K, not that spam. When I am discussing spam on the site, it is literally ‘spam posted on the site’. The problem is that not very nice peoples get paid for click ads that they get posted on the internet, anywhere on the internet. So, they want to paste the shit all over JPR and every other website hoping that someone will click on their clickbait ads and they’ll make some money. They attack in two usual ways. One is where the human spammer registers and starts throwing out spam bait all over the site as fast as they can. With today’s net speeds that is very fast. The other spammers are bots. People set up spiders to crawl the internet and look for sites with registrations. Then they attack by attempting to register, and if they succeed, the bot literally covers the site in spam.

      And every large search engine gets the idea that your site has poor security and that members may have all kinds of bad things happen because it had a major spam attack that actually worked. The googles people then wonder if the spam was just the start and whether or not they set up a ton of Trojans or other nasties with it and they then ‘blacklist’ your site as unsafe. You may get a notice once in a while from trying to sign in that the site has security issues, or unsafe content, but that isn’t the same thing. When you get blacklisted, googles will give you a page refusing to take you to the site for security reasons and you have to work around that. Which means our members and any interested in becoming a member have to literally smash thru the spam firewall that google and yahoo and all the other engines throw up in your face.

      You won’t believe how costly it is to get off that list—tens of thousands of dollars.

      So we have to have some pretty good assurances that when we let you post whatever the hell you want to that we aren’t opening the door to getting blacklisted. It’s that simple and that bad. Members are having real trouble posting various things and continue to call out censorship. We do not censor, period. Guess what. The admins can’t stand it either. This isn’t what we envisioned JackPine Radicals to become. We don’t want control over wordage any more than you want us to control word usage. So Deadpool, LoE and I have been working diligently with our gunslinger to give members open free discussion and still keep spam out. It isn’t easy due to the nature of a discussion board. On any framework, Vanilla or vBulletin or whatever. It doesn’t matter these days, they all have one major security flaw by allowing discussion.

      So we took a new approach. A novel approach. We are going to use vetting. Members that are vetted are allowed to post just about anything they want to. If not, they have to play the filter game until they are vetted. And the vetting is automatic. If you have more than a minimal number of posts of any kind, topic or reply, accepted and posted, then your privileges change to trusted membership and you get to bypass all the filters after that.

      It has been exhaustively tested by a small but VERY dedicated group of members on the version 4.0 prototype and it works as advertised. Those volunteers have done everything we could have ever wanted us have them do and a real big applause to them is in order. I’ll leave it up to them if they want to out who they are. But I’ll tell you this……….. they rock. They care. They put in the time and effort for all of us. And I just wanted to thank them in public for all the help they have given us.

      Next on our list is to get the old version 2.0 out where you can lurk on the old site. That is in progress as I write this and I will update you how to go to it when I am confident that it’s ready and won’t cause DNS problems and all user accounts have been frozen.

      Then we have a wish list that is going to be pretty expensive. All the really useful goodies on 2.0 are going to be very expensive. That is because we will not hack the backend code like 2.0. That was a considerable amount of the problems that began crippling 2.0. We made the decision that all modifications would be front end only using what are called plugins. They are removable and easily upgraded so they won’t cause glitches and crashing like hacks into the core code would and did in version 2.0.

      The Admins would like to apologize for this taking so long. We got hit with a ton of unknowns and then the stupid shut-down really hit us hard in a way that no one could have predicted. Our mastermind Deadpool had to fill in for no less than three others at his place of employment and was working 7 days a week, up to 10-12 hours each day. You know what he’s like, he takes his responsibilities seriously and he’s such a gentleman about doing what’s right, so we lost him for about a month. But he’s coming back this week and we’ll get more and more accomplished until we have the JackPine Radicals we promised our members.

      Please hang tough a little longer. It will be worth every minute of it, I promise.

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      Cool. Thanks for the update, I am definitely looking forwards to it

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      Thanks for the update!

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      Thank You for the update – much appreciated!

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      Thanks for the update and all the hard work everyone is putting in. 

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      Two way street
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      Thank you.   :yes:

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      Looking forward to it!

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      Leftward Swing
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      Where does one go to add their signature? I would like to add my twitter name with a hotlink to the bottom of my posts. Thanks.

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      Ahaaa!  Now I know why “Som-alia” was blocked.  Contains the word “so-ma” which is slang for carisoprodol (a muscle relaxing drug).

      Sweet Jeebus on a unicycle!  

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      That explanation was head banging excellent, sffh! Look how much I’ve learned here.

      Hugs to you, LoE and the Pool….  yas yes GIF

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