Small free libraries offering solace amid virus shutdowns

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      Since 2009, tens of thousands of little free libraries have sprung up in the U.S. and more than 100 countries. The small spaces operate by donations and through volunteers. In rural areas, where broadband internet is sparse, the little free libraries may be only place to find a Toni Morrison novel…

      Janelle Will of Akron, Michigan, said her tiny farm village of 300 people doesn’t have a public library, but its free library remains busy. “I am using my stash to keep it filled and Lysol the books before placing them in the library,” she said…

      Greig Metzger, executive director of the Little Free Library nonprofit, said the spaces also have transformed into a new purpose. Readers are leaving can goods and other needed items to assists fellow neighbors during the economic downturn and uncertainty…

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