So just how bad was that app?

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      I’m reading Learn to Program with App Inventor A Visual Introduction to Building Apps by Lyra Blizzard Logan.  So take it from me, when I read this, I was dumbfounded:


      “Honestly, the biggest thing is—I don’t want to throw it under the bus—but the app was clearly done by someone following a tutorial. It’s similar to projects I do with my mentees who are learning how to code,” Rahjerdi said. “They started with a starter package and they just added things on top of it. I get deja vu from my classes because the code looks like someone Googled things like ‘how to add authentication to React Native App’ and followed the instructions,” Rahjerdi said.

      “The mobile app looks hastily thrown together,” Dan Guido, CEO of cybersecurity consulting firm Trail of Bits, told Motherboard.


      and I also read that their company got $54 grand for it and was expecting to sell it to other states, too.

      This is your corrupt DNC at work. They do stupid dumbshit things like this. They have to go.

      It’s beyond shocking. Now take a look at this, in regard to security:


      A team of researchers at Stanford University, including former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos and students Jack Cable, Pierce Lowary, and Alex Zaheer, said that while analyzing the app, they found potentially concerning code within it, including hard-coded API keys. Motherboard decompiled the app and verified the presence of an API key. Stamos’ concern was that a hacker could potentially change or reset data on the servers. 

      Read more at the link.

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      NV Wino
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      I don’t know why anyone is surprised. 😏

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      Hi njc,

      Yep – I am old enough to remember Bush v Gore.  One of the consequences of that decision was the Help America Vote Act which became effective on October 29th 2002.  Ostensibly the Act was to preclude voting irregularities by dispensing with mechanical voting machines.  What it really did was usher in an era wherein electronic voting systems were widely deployed.

      And with electronic voting systems came the possibility for election fraud through cyber vote manipulation.  Some would argue this was all by design because now The Powers That Be could surf into the “central tabulators” in real time and choose any outcome they preferred during each election.  In that context, the Shadow cell phone app is just another manifestation of a vote manipulation system much like the thousands and thousands of electronic voting systems spread across the states.

      Until all electronic voting systems are replaced with pen, paper and human tabulators, we will never be free of this corruption.


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      A friend of mine who works with such apps for a living told me that it would cost at least ten times as much as Shadow spent on the app to come up with one that could handle the volume of data coming in from users to the central host. He also said these things require extensive testing for some months before they should be rolled out.

      The Vichy Democrats tried to cheat on the cheap, and they got caught red-handed.

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        Fugitive Birdie
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        With all due respect to your friend, I also build mobile apps and complex internet based systems.

        An app that needs to report somewhere around 12 numbers (first and second round results), do a simple calculation (SDEs) and send it to a server is about the easiest app I have ever heard of.

        With only 1700+ caucus sites we are not talking about a lot of data or simultaneous users.

        Of course the human training part should never be underestimated.  But the technology for competent experienced developers is dirt simple.

        I could single handedly write the app and server code for this in a day.

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      All of this tells me that these problems were “a feature, not a bug,” as Caitlin Johnstone phrased it.  This app was intentionally created and rolled out in a way that would appear to be incompetent, but in reality was a planned outcome.  Under-staffing of the call line was not an oversight.  Delay, deflection, misreporting, disinformation was the game plan.

      When it became clear that Bernie was likely to win Iowa, this was Plan A to prevent the momentum building outcome.  My belief is that in New Hampshire, there is a similar vote shifting process planned as the second step.  I am thinking that the startling jump of Mayo Pete in the polls is part of that orchestrated process.

      We’ll soon see whether “live free or die” is just a slogan or if that means something to New Hampshire voters.  It is not just a matter of how they vote, but if they respond to the inevitable manipulation of the vote.

      I hope Bernie has monitoring and collection of precinct level vote totals in place.


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