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  • tularetom (2174 posts)
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    1. Shh, don't fuck with the "scary Russians" meme

    Somebody has gone to a lot of trouble to keep us all quaking in fear over Putin.

    We should at least be courteous enough to appear a little bid terrified or all their work will be for nothing.

    I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
  • arendt (1432 posts)
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    2. "the cut…was met with radio silence in the West." What a surprise!

    When the cut was announced, it was met with radio silence in the West. A search for “Russian defense budget” on Google News brings up not a single mainstream source that treated this as a significant news story. It’s hard to imagine the same reaction had the news been that Russia had increased rather than decreased its defense spending. Even the most modest increase would very likely have set off a chain reaction of scare-mongering reports about the Russian bear.

    The reality is, a decrease just isn’t that interesting because it doesn’t fit with the narrative that the evil Russkies are fully intent on taking over the world, one trembling and defenseless nation at a time.

    Military men on both sides of the Atlantic have been using the “Russian threat” to convince governments to throw more money into defense budgets for years. In 2015, the Pentagon used the idea of war with Russia as a public rallying cry to stave off budget cuts. Instead of responding with laughter and the appropriate facts, much of the media advocated on the Pentagon’s behalf, propagating the idea that perhaps the United States really would struggle to match Russian military power in a head-to-head.

    In the case of the U.S., the hyping of the Russian threat is particularly ridiculous. Think of it this way: In his first budget proposal, President Donald Trump seeks to increase U.S. defense spending by $54 billion. That 10 percent hike in American military spending would amount to 80 percent of Russia’s entire military budget — and that’s before the recent Russian cuts are taken into account.

    Its all about the narrative. This doesn’t fit the propaganda narrative, so TPTB don’t mention it. Because then they might have to acknowledge we are spending next to nothing on our falling down infrastructure.

    Damn this country’s corporate media suck.

  • MannyGoldstein (2308 posts)
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    3. This only PROVES how dangerous the Russians are!

    They’d only cut their war budget if they were confident that they were about to attack us and destroy our military – so then they won’t need as large of a military anymore.

    Be very afraid!

    We need lots more defense money to prevent certain annihilation!




    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it" - Upton Sinclair
  • aspirant (1789 posts)
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    5. Why do you need

    bombs and military hardware if hacking can elect an American President and get sanctions removed?

    • Art from Ark (3020 posts)
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      14. How did Putin get Trump elected?

      Did he cause the US media to focus almost exclusively on Trump during the Republican primary?

      Did he cause the US media to focus almost exclusively on Hillary during the Democratic primary?

      Did he cause the DNC to put their thumb on the scale for Hillary during the Democratic primary?

      Did he cause DNCers to snub Bernie delegates in the caucuses and at the convention?

      Did he cause hundreds of “superdelegates” to declare for Hillary before any other candidate had even announced?

      Did he cause Donna Brazille to spoonfeed questions to Hillary before the debates?

      Did he cause Hillary to flip-flop on issue after issue?

      Did he cause Hillary to all but ignore key rust-belt states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan) during the general election campaign?


      The last time America was run like a business, we ended up with a Great Depression.
      • aspirant (1789 posts)
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        15. He may

        have hacked the DNC and with the help of Wikileaks daily release of emails blown up HRC’s campaign.

        have hacked Podesta’s emails and with the help of Wikileaks gave us the October surprise.

        have initiated multiple contacts with Trump advisers to get guarantees of sanction removals

        have just cut Russia’s military budget with Trump’s blessing




        • Art from Ark (3020 posts)
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          16. Whether he may have initiated contracts with Trump advisors to get guarantees

          of sanction removals would have had absolutely no effect on the results of the US election.

          Hillary was blowing up her own campaign without any help from Wikileaks. Those revelations only confirmed what a lot of us had already known– that she and the Democratic Party snubbed Bernie supporters and threw all sorts of roadblocks in Bernie’s way just so she could get the nomination.  On top of that, Hillary had no ability to reach out to the average citizen. Her positions were shifting like sand dunes. And she was being investigated by the FBI. In short, she was the crappiest Democratic Party presidential nominee in my lifetime.

          The last time America was run like a business, we ended up with a Great Depression.
          • aspirant (1789 posts)
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            17. Confirmations can be very powerful

  • bemildred (5114 posts)
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    6. They have better things to do with the money.

    It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
  • Herman4747 (1347 posts)
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    8. Like a little boy, Trump feels better being stronger than everyone else…

    …meanwhile, so MUCH MONEY GETS WASTED.

  • Jefferson23 (6989 posts)
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    9. Uh oh….what will the Democratic party say now?

  • Major Hogwash (2777 posts)
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    10. Trump wants to disban NATO, so Putin cuts his defense spending.

    Sounds like a plan to me. Sounds like they cooked this up when they were both making their plans last summer. For Putin to make Trump the President of our country in exchange for Trump doing what he can to tear apart NATO, by pissing off our foreign allies like Germany, by claiming they don’t pay their fair share of the costs of NATO, like he just did on Saturday morning!!!

    Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
  • INTJ (2570 posts)
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    11. Thanks to the south pole Aliens the Russians don't need a bigger budget

    Putin has pledged to increase the deliveries of human flesh in return for protection from the West


    I'm not going to argue  ...  just post 2 faux-facs and I'll see them in the morning.
  • PFunk1 (1239 posts)
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    12. I may be called crazy her but Russia is concentraiting on what actually works.

    And America is going for expensive iffy high-tech crap that looks cool.  So the cost in military spending is actually a misnomer.