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    There was a brief, beautiful moment last month when CNN and MSNBC aired climate town halls. Sure, the DNC had voted down an official climate debate where the candidates would have gone head-to-head on the most crucial issue of our lifetimes, but the media was finally making progress after years of failing to adequately cover the climate crisis.

    Then Tuesday’s Democratic debate happened, and it was a reminder that nope, political media still by and large sucks when it comes to treating climate like a marquee issue. Moderators from CNN and the New York Times failed to ask a single climate question.

    Instead, we were treated to questions about whether candidates were too old or young to be president and a question on bipartisan friendships that inexplicably used Ellen DeGeneres hanging with George Bush as a jumping-off point. In fact, the latter is a great example of how ill-equipped political media is to address the largest threat facing humanity.

    A few candidates brought up climate on their own. In some cases, it was more of a virtue signal (sorry, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar). But others talked about it at length in response to non-climate questions, most notably Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer. The most striking moment in the section of the debate about whether the government should prosecute opioid manufacturers for knowingly peddling highly addictive substances was when Sanders pivoted to fossil fuel executives who “know full well that their product is destroying this world, and they continue to make huge profits.”


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    game meat
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    Perhaps the biggest failure of the media to cover climate change adequately is the apolitical nature of weather forecasts. The increasingly frequent and bizarre weather events are always covered as nothing more than happy accidents of nature, just anomaly after anomaly after anomaly…

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    No, the news media is very well-equipped to take on the issue of climate change, they just refuse to do so because so much of their revenue comes from industries who don’t want it to be an issue. The glaring omission of climate change from the “debates” is no accident.

    We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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    At least Tulsi called out CNN and NYTimes for their bullshit …that took some leather tits ( would have said ‘balls’ but you know me …I never offend anyone) :p


    Fuck the DLC and its heard of goats

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