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      Multiverse Level 1–A level 1 multiverse is essentially an extension of our universe and is expected to have the same laws of physics and physical constants that govern our reality. There exists a rough estimate of the distance of the next closest universe from ours. A distance of 10 to the power 10 to the power 115 meters has been proposed! (Tegmark,M. (2003)) Most cosmologists have accepted this type of multiverse since it is a consequence of cosmological inflation. (which states that our early universe underwent an exponential expansion in a very small amount of time during its birth) (Ellis, G. F. R. (2011))

      Multiverse Level 2–A Level 2 Multiverse is one that could be governed by different physical laws, possess different properties, and maybe even different dimensions. It is imagined to be a hypothetical field with an infinite number of ‘bubble’ universes having an infinite number of variations to the point where even another version of you may exist. (Tegmark, M. (2003))

      Multiverse Level 3 and beyond–But it doesn’t stop there! Some scientists have even proposed models for level 3 and 4 multiverses that would be created as a result of quantum mechanics, working on the theory that certain observations cannot be predicted with certainty and so anything that can happen, does happen. Picture rolling a dice and getting a 3. The chances of that happening are 1 in 6. But in a level 4 multiverse, all those other 5 outcomes that didn’t happen in your reality happen in other ‘branched’ ones thereby creating several universes or ‘splits’ because of one outcome.

      Why are we so interested in the idea of a multiverse? One particular reason is that a multiverse could hold an explanation for a key question about the nature of our existence- why does our universe have fundamental constants that are exactly fine-tuned for our existence? For example, why is the composition of dark matter in our universe just right for the formation of galaxies? Any higher, and our galaxy would be pulled apart. Any lower, and it would collapse.

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