Socialist idea for farms: machine tractor stations.

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      If you read about the old Progressive Party, you notice they did things to help small farmers, to help free them from the grip of the bankers, huge capitalist villains of the day. We keep blabbing about defending the family farm against corporate takeover but we never do anything about it. What about a program that would allow farmers to form a cooperative and buy tractors and combines, subsidized by the government? The problem is that farmers are a bunch of MAGA nuts now, but this would be free stuff and everybody loves free stuff.

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      Who makes tractors?  John Deere is about the only maker I know, they refuse “right to repair” & cost a fortune.  Subsidize that?  Not a good option.  And I don’t see the socialism there either.  Socialism for the rich, as usual.  Taxpayer subsidy for wealth.

      Plus who are these ‘farmers’?  Not many independents left.  Better to subsidize land for people who want to farm.  Or subsidize taxes for people losing their land to the rich.  But that’s not gonna happen in the present environment.

      No matter who gets elected in the duopoly of the rich.

      Which likely includes, fwiw, the heirs of John Deere.

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      Slipped into the COVID relief package was billions in “small business forgivable loans”. Farmers are all technically “small business” and they are almost all on a first name basis with their banker. I run a football field sized organic garden off in the corner of a large organic operation. The big farm- 55o acres under tillage. 100 bee hives. 2000 gallons of maple syrup every year. This farmer is about as tight with his money as any farmer. But over the last two years he has poured lots of new concrete (approaches to machine sheds that should have been done years ago), bought a new combine, bought a semi to haul his grain to market, hired and actually paid for some seasonal help, improved his professional kitchen to being one step away from USDA certified food prep area.

      All of this was done with loans set up by his bank. They call him and say they have a new batch of money. What does he want to do? He accepts it in 40-100,000 increments. Spends it on “approved” projects. Banks inspects projects and wipes the debt away.

      Anyone who cant understand why rural folks are all Trump MAGA is just uninformed or a total idiot. You drive through large parts of rural MN and the economy is strong.

      Then along comes Biden and he stiff us 600$ right off the bat. (“Vote for a Dem and I will send you a check for 2000$- remember that lie?) And Joe pushed for a tax break that would kick in retroactively. It has been 15 months and I still have not gotten my 2500$ that he promised me.

      My heart is with the old Democratic Party platform. But the current crop is so horrid that they make Trump look impressive.


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