Socialists for Biden – and the Power of Corporate Media

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    On Super Tuesday, NBC News exit polls revealed the previously unknown existence of millions of socialist-inclined Biden voters. In North Carolina and Tennessee, where Biden handily defeated Bernie, more voters expressed a favorable opinion of socialism than unfavorable. In Texas, which Biden won, socialism also triumphed with 57 percent favorable vs. 37 percent unfavorable. Ditto for California (which Sanders won): 53 percent favorable vs. only 33 percent unfavorable.

    In four Southern states where Biden trounced Sanders on Super Tuesday and the following week (Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama), NBC News found that a majority of Democratic primary voters support Sanders’ signature policy, Medicare for All – phrased in the poll as “a single government health insurance plan for all.” Most startling were Mississippians who voted for Biden over Bernie by an 81 to 15 percent landslide, but exit pollsters found nearly two-to-one support for Medicare for All: 62 to 32 percent.

    So, on the policy agenda, Democratic primary voters have shown some resistance to corporate media propaganda – such as the oft-repeated canard that Sanders would “strip 150 million people of their health insurance.” (“Stripping” is hardly accurate to describe a proposal that would provide fuller coverage – and, except for the superrich, at less cost.) When questioned continually by elite journalists and candidates like Biden about costs, Sanders has cited federal statistics showing that sticking with a private insurance system would cost more.

    Since Democratic voters are closer to Bernie than Biden on most policy issues, Biden’s string of primary wins suggests that corporate media have proved much more convincing on the issue of electability – with their drumbeat about Biden as electable against Trump, and Bernie as too risky. Primary voters, including older African Americans, are rightly terrified of a second Trump term. But not much data supports the claim that Biden would be a stronger candidate against Trump, and there are plenty of counter-arguments and counter-data, including the fact that Biden often appears unsteady and inarticulate.

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    Same for all the other Vichy Dems and/or Player To Be Named Later.   I cannot do more than that.  And I fervently hope Biden loses, if he is the candidate.

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    At least, the virtual “voters” inhabiting the function ChngVotesToConservative() deep in the voting machines’ software.

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    Don’t they meet in the same building as Chickens for KFC and Jews for Hitler?

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