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Home Main Forums 2018 Elections Some Hillary folks at other sites believe Super Obama will still save the day…

  • Gallagher (448 posts)
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    Some Hillary folks at other sites believe Super Obama will still save the day…

    Seriously…in the last 8 days of Obama’s administration, he is going to orchestrate something that will take down Trump?  I really wish that was possible.  But, it’s not gonna happen.  First, there is no absolute proof that Russia/Putin was involved in the election results. Maybe they were complicit in the WikiLeaks showing the DNC illegal tactics…not a major surprise to those of us paying attention, but actually changing the outcome?  I don’t think so.

    Secondly, why should we believe that Obama would be able to start anything at all that the Republicans would investigate? No one who has any power will be on record as going against Trump.  They have their puppet.  He will be difficult to control, but eventually he will be, tweets and all.

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  • 6 months ago #11
    • Colors of the Rainbow (1209 posts)
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      1. My response

      ‘Some Hillary folks…’

      …are hopeless.

    • azurnoir (2003 posts)
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      2. ah ya sure and we'll see it first on CNN………

      why do establishment Democrats appear to be 'progressive' only when dominated by republicans? 
      • dorkzilla (2402 posts)
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        26. I accidentally wandered over there yesterday

        I was putting an web address in that started with “d” and it did an autofill so I thought “fuck it, I wonder what they’re up to” and saw a post about Comey and how he should resign and there was a comment – I kid you not – something to the effect that “they’re saying it’s HER fault for having a private server?? WTF???”, said as though this was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard! I could see them in my mind’s eye sitting there going “but of course she had a private server! She needs privacy!”

        Between this and the unending barrage of bullshit being flung at Bernie and his supporters on Twitter I just shake my head in disbelief. It’s ANYBODY’S fault except Our Lady Of Perpetual Grifting.  My very sweet but slightly gullible brother who is a CT advocate keeps saying the government may be seeding clouds with “something” so they can control our minds…which would go a long way to explain this phenomena :)

        ETA – I meant to respond to the OP – sorry :(

        • Sadie (3068 posts)
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          37. I have a brother like that too.


          Sadly, some of his CTs have come to pass in the last few years.  :ohwell:


            Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
          • dorkzilla (2402 posts)
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            43. LOL, SAME HERE!!!

            Which, to his way of thinking, gives him enough credibility that he now thinks everything he posits is absolutely the truth. I want to smack him.  He’s really lovely, a great big brother, very protective and would take the shirt off his back if I needed it. But DAYUM the shit I have to listen to on a regular basis…

    • PennLawyer (2090 posts)
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      3. Maybe they can start a tent city in Chappaqua – purple tents.

      Not to be confused with HRC’s latest outfit.  They are so pathetic they take all the fun out of schadenfreude!

      • ThouArtThat (4046 posts)
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        5. Fantastic – A Homeless City For Clueless DNC, DLC, Third-Wayers

        Right on HRC’s doorstep.

        Fantastic idea.

        "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
        • Enthusiast (8261 posts)
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          8. I wish it was a reality.

          "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church
        • PennLawyer (2090 posts)
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          10. Otherwise they'll just be wandering around moaning like in Shaun of the Dead!

          I can just see them plastered at the windows of the Willard as all the lobbyists cower inside.

          That’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the lower left, and David You Know Who on the lower right.

        • Marylander (379 posts)
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          29. If only!

      • dorkzilla (2402 posts)
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        25. Okay you guys have GOT TO STOP with the Chappaqua thing

        Remember your Sister in Bernie over here – I live only several miles away from her and I don’t want the area to be flooded with her “believers” because they’re fucking delusional. I’m surprised they haven’t started seeing her image appear on their morning toast yet.

        Can’t you just have them fuck off back to Arkansas?

      • tularetom (1819 posts)
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        31. Not for me they don't, its been 2 months since the election

        and I still wake up in the morning laughing my ass off because the bitch will forever be remembered for having lost to Donald F. Trump, possibly the worst candidate in the history of American presidential elections.

        If you can’t enjoy the schadenfreude implicit in that statement you should contact the Vatican and talk to them about your canonization.

        I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
    • Lynetta (678 posts)
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      4. Some Christian Preppers say a prophacy of the second coming is playing out now.

      now D-day is 5  days before the inauguration. The UN meets in Paris and a delegation from the US will be there ostensibly to broker a 2 state solution for Israel and Palestine neither will be there. The world acknowledging the new Israel with a capital at Jerusalem is also part of the prophecy as is what ever the heck the two Popes and world leaders have been going to visit in Antarctica.

      They believe the Antichrist is poised to stop the prophesy of Revelations and the Rapture by any means possible. Our Navy was firing at Iranian ships with Russian escort today again. The elite get and hold their power through preying on the Godly and innocent. Which may be why the paper Jimmy Dore was reading today from Syria perplexity talked about how careful they were not to kill any soldiers with our arms.( Only innocents because they need each other for the battle against THE God.)  I guess the Satanists have a destination to go to if they destroy Earth, God, the Godly and the innocents. Maybe our very own will fill us in on what I am missing or got wrong.

      During this all Christians are supposed to be rounded up and killed ala Hitler by the Satanists and the battle will decided whether good or evil prevails. They also believe we are a product of Alien genetic mix and site Rh negative as the proof. The Gods the ancients talked about were real ETs.  Humans were created as a slave caste to serve the ETs mining and taking other resources. But the ETs/Gods took human women for wives. The Satanists believe that  THE God will favor the Rh negative blood and have been getting transplanted body organs so they would not be destroyed during this Religious and Cosmic event. Rh negative is a universal donor. Rh positive accepts negative transplant transfusion but Rh negative only accepts negative. I am Rh negative and my first child was positive and to prevent any future children from dying in the womb I was given a vaccination. My second child was O Rh negative “the chosen” and my third child died at 5 months gestation I had assumed from the Lyme Disease I had at that time. Having Rh negative blood does not give me any special insight into this seeming insanity I only know what I have been reading. (My son has not gotten back to me about being “the chosen” so he must have better things to do right now.)

      There are millions who believe this stuff but of course given what we learned in the last few months it could all be an elaborate psyop by DHS to keep us divided, scared, occupied and docile while they actually make it into a One World Government and steal everything with them at the wheel.

      I am putting this out there because if people believe something they will act accordingly whether or not it is true. There has not been a lot of truth coming from the Government, Law Enforcement or Media lately. I do not have all the ins and outs just what I have picked up on the internet the last few weeks. So Satanists are the bad guys. Christians are the Good Guys (Preppers sort) and a tiny percentage of us are The Chosen based on blood line. Maybe they will get their super powers now, huh? Please be careful out there.

      Cheers, Lynetta, way over my head but warm and safe in frigid Minnesota.

      • ThouArtThat (4046 posts)
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        6. Self-Delusion KNows No Limits Where Humans Are Involved


        "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
        • Lynetta (678 posts)
          Profile photo of Lynetta Donor

          7. Definitely.

      • Enthusiast (8261 posts)
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        9. They believe some really stupid shit. I hate those Timothy Lahaye books.

        "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church
        • Haikugal (5316 posts)
          Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

          14. Have you ever read anything in them? Really poor writing, plot and character

          development and stupid as hell. These delusional nitwits believe!!


            Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!! Kick against the pricks!!!
          • Enthusiast (8261 posts)
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            15. The nitwits act as if the Lahaye books are biblical supplements.

            No, I won’t read them. Fundy relatives offered to share them with me because they considered the books so insightful.


            "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church
            • Haikugal (5316 posts)
              Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

              17. I know! I read part of one for the same reason and wow that was bad science

              fiction/horror! They think it’s real! Unbelievable!

                Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!! Kick against the pricks!!!
              • The Crone (3078 posts)
                Profile photo of The Crone Donor

                23. Yet the books were best sellers.

                Almost made me wish I had thought of the concept outlined in the books.

                "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
    • ronRonnie (499 posts)
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      11. Beyond delusional.

      The Hillbots “over there” are hopeless.  They are a parody.  Simple cult members, and their Jim Jones has been dead since Nov 8.  Chickens without heads scurrying around grasping at straws.  Holding on to hope.


      One recently posted that since the election was obviously hacked, the only remedy would be for a whole new election.  And they were dead serious (and all the other Hillbots enthusiastically agreed.)  This is the level of delusion we are dealing with.  Obama isn’t saving shit.  Not even his fools gold “legacy.”  His legacy is wars and elevating Hillary.  That’s all he deserves.

      • whispers (1249 posts)
        Profile photo of whispers Donor

        20. Have you ever actually seen chickens running around

        with their heads but off?  It is some scary phenomena!!  I saw this when I was 3 or 4 and ran around holding onto my head for the longest time.  I didn’t want it to come off, and it looked so easy to make it do so.  Nightmares about headless bodies, and heads without bodies.   But, I do think some people have lost their heads.  Group hysteria with magical thinking.

        "There is no god higher than truth."  Gandhi
    • GZeusH (1689 posts)
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      12. SuperObama may have run in '08,

      but BizarrObama took the oath of office in ’09.

      SuperObama had comfortable shoes and could walk picket lines in a single bound; BizarrObama can’t find his shoes.

      SuperObama was for the public option; BizarrObama signed RomneyCare.

      SuperObama was going to end the wars; BizarrObama drops bombs in new places.

      SuperObama knew something about climate change; BizarrObama build pipelines to counteract Global Cooling.

      SuperObama talked like a Democrat; BizarrObama help elect smartest Republican ever.

      Policy:  The mistaken notion that bossy people have that they can influence other people's behavior through majority rule.
      • Go Vols (145 posts)
        Profile photo of Go Vols Donor

        21. +1

        “Wis. Democrats Flee To Prevent Vote On Union Bill”



      • Sadie (3068 posts)
        Profile photo of Sadie Donor

        38. Yes, you are right.

        Thanks for this post.   Wonder if they ignore these simple facts?


          Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
    • StupidRedhead (2248 posts)
      Profile photo of StupidRedhead Banned

      13. Will he be wearing his cape with the big "O" on it?

    • Pinebox (400 posts)
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      16. "Some Hillary supporters"…

      “Some” is a good word.


      That’s all she ever really got, “some”.

      It’s sort of like her rally’s. “Some”.


      • Haikugal (5316 posts)
        Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

        19. A "few" rather than "some" is more factual really. Her entire campaign was

        astro turf, a complete fiction.

          Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!! Kick against the pricks!!!
        • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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          35. +100

    • TRex (2229 posts)
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      18. Well all that pragmatism got them a bowl of steaming hot shit so

      is it any surprise they are crapping all over themselves? Not a tear will I shed. Most of them are right back to hating on people in their own party.



      We can thank the rich for one thing - times are changing due to the silent depression in the working class. I don't think the rich will be happy with the changes, but they forced it upon themselves through greed and avarice.
    • oldandhappy (3215 posts)
      Profile photo of oldandhappy Donor

      22. Same way with the Bernie nomination.

      Many thought right up to the end of the convention that the rabbit would jump out of the hat and declare Bernie the nominee.

      • NuttyFluffers (1774 posts)
        Profile photo of NuttyFluffers

        24. thank you! this is grounding talk. we had delusions even here.

        too many here took too long for an unflinching look at the current state of the Democratic Party — hoping against hope somehow Bernie supporters would not be cheated by the corrupt system.

        even afterwards there was hope against hope about Bernie somehow magically winning by write-in votes.

        no. we need to look blasted and heat warped reality unflinchingly in the face and truly ken what we are now left with.

        the time for Disillusionment is here. see what fruits bear your labor upon such soil. own that answer honestly and without reserve.

        • dorkzilla (2402 posts)
          Profile photo of dorkzilla Donor

          28. Absolutely true

          I think it was wishful thinking more than anything but yes, we were expecting some last minute miracle. I think it’s part of our collective DNA, a hangover, if you will, from our childhood mindset that an adult would rush in at the last minute and see you right.

      • Haikugal (5316 posts)
        Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

        41. Good comment, thanks!

        Wishful thinking and denial of reality will not get us where we need to be.

          Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!! Kick against the pricks!!!
    • dorkzilla (2402 posts)
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      27. Oops – meant to respond to your op

      See #26

    • Badger Badger (78 posts)
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      30. The sites demanding lockstep goosestepping do have it wrong, but…

      Of course Obama will do nothing but try to gracefully step aside and hand the car keys over.  If, however, there was legitimate evidence that needed to be acted on before allowing Trump to be inaugurated, it would have nothing to do with Obama.  This is what COG or Continuity of Government is for.  It has been implemented in the past, like on 9/11, but the public was not told.  This resulted in the official plan being modified in disturbing ways (no surprise, right?  9/11 was an inside job!)

      I am not saying that I agree with the ditto-heads that permeate other sites.  I also do not support or agree with any of the right-wing crazies like Alex Jones that claim COG was going to used by Obama to take away our guns, install him as a shape-shifting reptilian monarch, and justify the coup by COG.

      My point is that if there was going to be any indictment, there is every reason to believe that case would be ready to go before the inauguration and those parties would know that they needed to act before the inauguration.

      I don’t expect to see it happen, but I also never expected any of the other crazy stuff that is now in the nooooze daily.  If something happened (and I am not saying it will), COG would not be something that Obama initiated.

      I told everyone 2 years ago that this would be the most contentious election fiasco in U.S. history.  I am not happy that I was right, but all the factors from 2000 were there.  A popular democratic president was leaving office.  The republicans manipulated their primary, clearing the field for George W. Bush.  It appears they did not have to flip votes in the primary as he had no opponent with money to compete.  The real problem is that the U.S. Constitution is flawed — if an election is stolen, the only rights we have as citizens is to “get over it”.

      On second thought, maybe that was a FEATURE and not a GLITCH.

      Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, Argh! Snake, a snake! Snaaake! A snaaaake, oooh its a snake!
      • Haikugal (5316 posts)
        Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

        42. Help me out, what is COG…I know I'll kick myself when you tell me…

          Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!! Kick against the pricks!!!
    • Seshat (388 posts)
      Profile photo of Seshat

      32. Someone needs to tell them that Obama has accepted reality.

      He will hand over the keys to the White House on Friday despite what the screaming Hillbots say.

      • djean111 (4147 posts)
        Profile photo of djean111 Donor

        33. In addition, the screaming Hillbots don't seem to grasp the fact that no matter

        what happens to Trump, neither Hillary nor Obama would be president.  The GOP would be free to wreak its worst.

        You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
    • TwilightSporkle (1796 posts)
      Profile photo of TwilightSporkle

      34. It's cute that they think Obama gives a shit

      He’s rich as fuck, has more connections and influence than any person alive on the planet, his daughters are insulated in the top-tier of schools and have a fast track to wealthy futures, and he has a Secret service detail for life. What the fuck does he have to worry about? Hell if anything Trump is going to end up making obama’s legacy look even better by comparison, so score.

      Plus? Honestly? I bet that Obama secretly passed around a few high fives when Hillary lost. Dude hasn’t forgiven her for the shit she pulled in 2008.

      What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace

      But you only understand the language of the sword

      I let the blade do the talking

      So my tongue shall become iron

      And my words the mighty roar of war

      • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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        36. +100

      • Sadie (3068 posts)
        Profile photo of Sadie Donor

        40. Yep

        and someone needs to post this over there before they blow anymore gaskets or have mass meltdown in their pink hats.

          Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
      • Seshat (388 posts)
        Profile photo of Seshat

        44. The more emotionally invested in Hillary's campaign people were. ..

        The more off the rails they are right now.

        I agree that Obama doesn’t give a damn. All he cares about is that he and his people can’t be blamed when Trump screws up. Besides, he probably figures he’ll come out looking pretty damn good in the history books compared to The Donald so that legacy thing should be ok.

        My guess is that he and Michelle are going to be on a plane to Hawaii as soon as possible where he can catch up on his surfing and pretend that the golf balls he’s hitting are Hillary and Bills heads.

      • farleftlib (1353 posts)
        Profile photo of farleftlib Donor

        45. +a brazillion

        Seriously, he had some extra shredding to do at the last minute but other than that, he’s riding into the sunset with his pockets overflowing with ill-gotten gains. His corporate overlords will see that he’s amply compensated for a job well done. She not only campaigned ugly against him but she’s stupid enough to get caught playing dirty pool as SoS and endangering his part in it. He’s glad to see the last of Her and the blundering mess she makes of everything she touches.

        Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. Margaret Mead
    • gordyfl (383 posts)
      Profile photo of gordyfl

      39. I spoke with a Hillary supporter – He thought Trump would soon

      be blocked from entering the White House right after the Intelligence Report was released. I asked then who would become president? Hillary, of course.