Some More BS From Nancy Pelosi on Why We Can't Have Medicare 4 All

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      Get out your Pepto. You may need it. 

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      Mainstream Democrats are proud or Obamacare, so proud of it they cannot admit it wasn’t wonderful and perfect just the way they passed it. “All it needs is defending against Republicans.” Sorry, but it needs much, much more than that. It needs a single payer provision, meaning Medicare for all. It doesn’t need some weak-in-the-knees public option that represents another small incremental improvement that we can hail as a Major Achievement. Give Obamavare credit for showing us (1) that better health care is possible and (2) that it’s time to stop tinkering around and do what needs to be done.

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      We need an opposition party! Pelosi speaks on behalf of the insurance industry.

      I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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      To all those who say that hooray!  We are making progress! – NO, we are not, not unless someone like Bernie, if not Bernie himself, gets elected.    IMO, the decision has been made, assurances have been given to the health INDUSTRIES, the health vampires, that they will continue reaping larger and larger profits from providing less and less actual health care.    Nancy and Chuck will strangle Medicare For All,  Single Payer, increases to social programs, free college tuition, higher minimum wage, and any other progressive objectives, in their cradles.  They will allow a tiny bit of AOC-style TALK about these things, to keep people voting for them and/or thinking that things are moving to the left.

      IMO – if you believe that the Democratic Party has any intention of moving anything but campaign pandering to the left – you are their willing or quite deluded tool.   Simply put – they are prostitutes now, and progressives cannot afford even a hug.  Prostitutes on very large retainers.

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        I look forward to your solutions.


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          How is YOUR solution – to keep voting for them – going to change anything?  The DNC/Democratic Party has tripled down.   They are, in fact, a privately owned corporation, and can really do as they please.   They are open about that.  FFS, they just said that not being able to take contributions from the very industries they are supposed to “regulate” is a bad idea.  All they care about is getting money.  ALL they care about.  They are up front about that.  Oh, I will still vote for the occasional progressive who gets through the DNC wall – but I will not help elect a corporate Democrat.  Nope.  That is not a solution.  I will vote against them.

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