Some thoughts on what could happen to the Democratic Party soon:

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      This so-called “Democratic Party” has been degenerating morally and politically the past 30 years.  It has been digging its own grave, and now the grave has been dug and is ready for occupancy.  If Biden should “win” the Primaries, the chances that he would lose to Trump are high.  This would likely be the very last gasp of the greedy, lying, and dishonest people that the Democratic leadership has become.

      Bernie Sanders has already started his movement to fight for change to a government that has integrity and is willing to work for the social and financial betterment of All Americans – and it’s the poor who need the most help, not the rich.  Now  (should Biden lose) would be the time to come out into the open and declare it in whatever form Sanders chooses:  challenge the old Establishment Democratic Party, begin a new party…..etc…..  There are huge numbers of Americans with liberal political leanings who long for change and are ready to support him – all the way!!  They have been ready for him since 2015.  Some even earlier. It has been a long wait!!   I wish Sanders hadn’t waited so long, but I suppose he has his reasons.

      I believe right now there are more than 50% of America’s voters who are for Bernie Sanders.  We never had a chance with all the vote rigging going on – from the Democrats in the Primaries, and then from the Republicans in the general  elections.  The establishment Democrats will be out-cheated by the Republicans, but the Dems. won’t complain very loudly – they never have! – they are tough on their own people, but they have never been tough  on the Republicans because they are afraid of losing their financial support from the  American Corporations.

      The present-day Democratic leaders have one hand out to Corporate America for money, and the other hand out to the Democratic voters for their votes.  They are trying to have it both ways, and they will lose – permanently, this time.  This will be their final days in power!  I guess those among them who have already made their loads of money won’t be too unhappy.  They already have, at least, all that money to  console themselves with.  Perhaps some of them might even switch sides and become Republicans?

      I sure hope Sanders’ efforts to stop the nationwide practice of bribery and corruption in all levels of government will finally succeed.  It’s such a big job.  But all jobs, big or small, must start with the first step.  And partial success is better than none at all.

      The important thing to do is to take that first step!


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      I dont understand how this will be their last days in power. They will blame russia, bernie, etc. Nothing will change. You might wanna study what they did to henry wallace 80 years ago. I hope you know something i dont , i really hope you are right, but electronic voting machines and climate change beg to differ

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      but I bet 50% of Americans don’t even Vote. Period.


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      Jim Lane
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      You write:

      I believe right now there are more than 50% of America’s voters who are for Bernie Sanders. We never had a chance with all the vote rigging going on – from the Democrats in the Primaries, and then from the Republicans in the general elections.

      What is your basis for believing your first point, about this incredibly widespread support for Bernie?

      Assuming your first point to be true, what is your basis for believing that this vote rigging will suddenly end?

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        believe.  (Yes, with Trump as president).  Then the news media gradually stopped mentioning Sanders’ name almost altogether.  Their point is obvious. They want the American people to forget him.  I personally know the people who are for Sanders are just as much for him as ever.

        Re your second point:  I never said anything about the vote-rigging would suddenly end.  What I believe is that Democrats have been steadily leaving their party for some time.  With Biden running for president, and if he should lose to Trump, the rate of Democrats leaving their party will rise.  Large numbers of people (even Republicans) can’t stand the thought of having Trump for another 4 years.  The result is that more Progressively inclined people will be voting for Sanders.  And it seems quite natural to me that members of small Progressive parties will also vote for him.

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      Snort McDork
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      And to boot, not a whimper from anyone in the establishment for losing 1000 F’ing seats in DC and in state legislatures several years ago.

      But of course, it’s not their fault. It never is-for anything.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

      "I like Birdy Num-Nums"

      If you come for Nina Turner, Your ish better be airtight like Tupperware" -Rashida Talib

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      The Democratic Party is hanging by a thread.

      I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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      Scott Crowder
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      If you wanted Bernie to win the primary, you were going to have to go down there late last year and destroy that warehouse.

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      And replace it with a rump Republican Party.

      TPTB are actually HAPPY to hear progressive disgust with their 3rd way bullsh*t party.

      We know they can make the “vote” go any way they want with physical voter suppression (i.e, 4 voting machines for 100,000 people); vote counting irregularities (that always favor the corporate rule candidate); and outright e-voting machine fraud, among probably many other methods.

      So TPTB love it when a progressive says “screw you”. They’re happy for you not to vote, too. And finally, they’re just as happy to see you vote 3rd party.

      We have literally regressed to the time of kings and royal fiat, although the current rulers are (mostly) via money and not blood.

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