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  • Omaha Steve (1243 posts)
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    Sorry I've been AWOL

    Marta is off this week. Between spending time with her, football, basketball, holidays, etc I have not been around.

    On Christmas Eve our son introduced us to the game “Ticket to Ride”. We came home and ordered the game that night. I joined Steam (Marta has been there for years) and we both bought the e-game. Wednesday night we started playing head to head and haven’t stopped except to eat etc. 

    I’ll be regular later next week after the local basketball tourney is over.

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  • sabrina (5942 posts)
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    1. Glad to hear you were having fun with your family, Steve. And glad you are


  • MannyGoldstein (2342 posts)
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    2. Welcome back

    Always happy to have you. I’ve been pretty AWOL myself lately due to the dreaded real life.

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  • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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    3. Glad you are having good family time. Happy New Year!