'Sorry, this is an emergency': Climate protesters block streets around world

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      LONDON (Reuters) – Thousands of climate activists took to the streets of cities around the world on Monday, launching two weeks of peaceful civil disobedience to demand immediate action to cut carbon emissions and avert an ecological disaster.

      In London, police arrested 135 activists from the Extinction Rebellion group as they blocked bridges and roads in the city center, and glued themselves to cars, while protesters in Berlin halted traffic at the Victory Column roundabout.

      Dutch police stepped in to arrest more than 100 climate change activists blocking a street in front of the country’s national museum and there were similar protests in Austria, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

      “SORRY that we blocked the road, but this is an emergency,” declared placards held by activists in Amsterdam.

      Full, detailed, long and interesting story here. Photos, too. 

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      Thank you for the update – photo essay here entitled ‘The Arrestables’.


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      Yep, here in Portland, but not blocking the streets.

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