South Korea- Lee Nak-yon suffers early primary loss to progressive candidate Lee Jae-myung

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      (Source- 언론 알아야 바꾼다 youtube 9.5.21) Democratic presidential candidate contender Lee Nak-yon suffers serious loss to Lee Jae-myung in early Sep. 4-5 regional primaries by a 2-1 margin. Lee Jae-myung, far left, 54.81 percent; Lee Nak-yon, second from left, 27.41 percent. Jung Sye-kyun, (3rd place) 7.84 percent; Chu Mi-ae (4th) 6.67 percent.

      Lee Nak-yon’s greatest blunders? Stalling the reforms sought by the candlelight revolution when they put the democratic party in power after the impeachment of Park Geun-hye. Lee Nak-yon served as Prime Minister to Moon Jae-in and later as Democratic Party representative in the National Assembly. He is perceived as having stonewalled prosecution and press reforms sought by democratic voters. Worse, he later called for the pardon of corrupt conservative authoritarian presidents Park Geun-hye and Lee Myung-bak. Additionally, he was critical of former Justice Minister Cho Guk who led the reform movement.  Cho Guk as a consequence, found himself and his family persecuted in the courts by the dictator in waiting, conservative presidential candidate, Yoon Seok-yeol.
      Lee Nak-yon also failed to support former Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae, who replaced Cho Guk in the office, in her efforts to restrain out of control Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol’s abuse of office and her efforts to discipline him, and remove his supporters from prosecution offices across South Korea. Lee Nak-yeon’s true colors exposed, his public support has plummeted. Virtually half of Lee Nak-yon’s supporters say they will vote conservative if he is not the democratic candidate for president in the early March 2022 election.

      (Source- 언론 알아야 바꾼다 youtube 9.5.21) Democratic Party presidential candidate primary schedule in South Korea: Daejeon/Chungnam 9.4; Sejong/Chungbuk 9.5; Daegu/Gyeongbuk 9.11; Gangwon 9.12; Gwangju/Cheonam 9.25; Cheonbuk 9.26; Cheju 10.1; Busan/Ulsan/Gyeongnam 10.2; Inchon 10.3; Seoul 10.10.


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