Southwest Airlines may be on strike: vax mandate

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      Despite the J’Biden Administrations expectations that workers will be delighted by their employer issuing a vax mandate, it seems that many at Southwest aren’t.
      Took a quick look around JPR, didn’t see the topic here.
      Just to add to the lack of transparency with this story that you’d expect in these strange, strange times: It is not an overt strike with picket lines, etc. Alleged insiders say that (surprise!) the union also will not even admit that anyone’s engaged in anything like a walkout.
      Yup, *all* those canceled flights are due to slightly bad weather and a few other unfortunate coincident events….say the pretzel logic stories in the MSM.
      Here’s a long trail started by an alleged insider, who starts out (whether he’s for real or not) saying the information is from a validated Southwest employee (proven to work there) and that you can expect even the occurrence of any labor action to be denied by the officials:
      I have no independent verification myself. Can only observe the more-than-weird way in which the MSM is endeavoring to explain what can’t be denied is a wave of flight cancellations.

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      It sounded fishy. I thought there must be more to this story than just weather and shortage of staff due to the pandemic. The next day I read about the strike.

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      because of air traffic control and weather issues.

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      My niece is tired of working 16 hour shifts because of unvaccinated idiots. She’s an ICU RN

      I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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