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  • Peace Patriot (4953 posts)

    Soyez rocket to ISS fails – crew saved!


    As it happened:

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  • Peace Patriot (4953 posts)

    1. 1 Russian cosmonaut, 1 US astronaut on board – both okay

    The booster to get into orbit failed.  The crew was able to abort the mission and trigger emergency return to earth.

    Ain’t it interesting that Russians and Americans can get along so well, sometimes.

    I grabbed a few youtubes: (haven’t reviewed them)

    Names: NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin.

  • ctsnowman (1245 posts)

    4. Very interesting

    especially given the station issues of late. I wonder…

    Army and Navy veteran and a proud liberal.
    • Peace Patriot (4953 posts)

      7. "Station issues"?

    • LaaDeeDaaVA (5452 posts)

      11. Yup. wondering the same thing – for the same reason.

      New traces of drilling found in Soyuz spacecraft’s hull — source, 09/14/2018


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