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  • Judi Lynn (7983 posts)
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    Stars and journalists lose appetite for correspondents' dinner under Trump

    Stars and journalists lose appetite for correspondents’ dinner under Trump

    The annual event is a chance for politicians and the media to share an evening of good-natured roasting – but this year goodwill is in short supply on both sides

    Joanna Walters in New York
    Monday 13 February 2017 04.39 EST
    The White House correspondents’ dinner is a fixture of the Washington scene, a spring event at which the cream of political journalism shares bonhomie, fine food and comedy roasting with the politicians it reports on – including the president. Under Donald Trump, however, the dinner is facing uncertainty.

    Trump, who has repeatedly attacked “the very dishonest press” and accused leading news outlets of peddling “fake news” about him, is expected nonetheless to attend the dinner, at the Washington Hilton on 29 April.

    Many news outlets, however, are planning to give the event a miss. The New York Times has not sent journalists to the dinner since 2008. The Guardian, which normally attends, will not be represented there this year. Jeff Mason, a Reuters journalist and president of the WHCA, has been obliged to confirm that the event will happen.

    Celebrities are also choosing to spend the night elsewhere. Actors from the casts of TV political drama shows such as House of Cards, Veep and Scandal, for example, have attended in recent years. They are not expected to be present this time. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) has yet to secure a comedy headliner.

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  • NJCher (2630 posts)
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    1. Article does not mention

    That Trump has no sense of humor, so the event would be very awkward. They should just cancel it.


    • ThouArtThat (6172 posts)
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      2. Yes – Cancelling Would Send A Strong Contrarian Message – Saying

      In effect that the 45 administration is a soulless, spineless sufferable lot.

      "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
    • Judi Lynn (7983 posts)
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      4. He's the last person in the world who could carry it off, isn't he? Swear words!

  • Doremus Jessup (3134 posts)
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    3. What will we do without shrub's no wmd jokes and O'bombers jokes about drones?

    Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. End ALL occupations and bring the troops home.
  • Koko (4560 posts)
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    5. Odd that Trump

    is NOW attending, isn’t it?  What about all those reports he wasn’t going to show up.

    So now he’s attending (since he knows some of his favorite targets aren’t going to show) up and he wins the day with his base who always thought the MSM was too Liberal and they will see this as a slap in the face to their President.

    The Hollywood Crowd will make a big deal out of it with a boycott and we, on the left, may find some consolation that the Prostituted MSM can’t use that night as a their usual Oscar Night Photo Op for themselves, and they get what is coming to them for ignoring Bernie Sanders and promoting Trump 24/7.

    Interesting times we live in.