Starting today, ex-felons can sign up to vote in Florida

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      The majority of 1.5 million citizens in Florida with a felony on their record now have the opportunity to vote again thanks to the passing of a state ballot initiative in 2018. That’s a lot of potential new voters….


      By Skyler Swisher – January 8 2018


      Floridians with felony convictions are now able to register to vote with a new constitutional amendment taking effect.

      About 64 percent of voters supported Amendment 4, which automatically restores voting rights to most people who have felonies on their record.

      South Florida election supervisors are gearing up to implement the law, which takes effect today.

      The change is the culmination of work by religious, social justice and civil liberties groups who pushed for Florida to join most other states in giving offenders a second chance…..

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      Bernie: "Not Me. Us"

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      But it was long overdue. I’d like to believe none of them would vote for repubs, but I’m sure some will,  as this article points out:

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      My guess is some will vote Dem, some will vote GOP, some another party – and some will not vote at all.  Just like everybody else.  IMO the bullcrap political identity thing is what made it take so long to do this.  And somewhere, someone is charging big money to divide “ex-felons” into male ex-felons, female ex-felons, ex-felons by race, ex-felons by age, and then recommending pandering blather.   Because issues like health care for all or minimum wage or college debt and costs could not possibly interest any of those groups in the same way.

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      But will they sign up?

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