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  • tiamat (678 posts)
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    Stein Files FEC Complaint over Super PAC Coordination

    Jill Stein Files Complaint with FEC over Trump & Clinton Super PAC Coordination

    These so-called dark money groups are allowed to raise unlimited amounts of funds for candidates, but they are not allowed to coordinate directly with the campaigns. In the complaint, however, Stein argues both Clinton and Trump have illegally coordinated with a handful of their super PACs.

    Thank you, Dr. Jill.

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  • Beebee (1349 posts)
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    1. Good for her!

    "confrontation of the self is as important as with others. we have to be ready to be surprised by unexpected rhetoric, or even possible communion, with those previously seen as impossible." NuttyFluffers
  • goodgirl (2185 posts)
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    2. Terrific!

    Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
  • Scuba (3118 posts)
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    3. Good. Getting money out of politics is critical.

    • Snort McDork (2300 posts)
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      4. But the FEC will say it is legal and nothing will happen.