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  • Ichingcarpenter (4122 posts)
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    Stephen Colbert makes fun of Rachel Maddow.

    ”The Late Show has acquired a long-awaited joke that has Americans on the edge of their seats. He’s going to share it with the world. Shortly. Keep watching.”

    He uses her mannerisms, notice his clothing, and speech patterns.



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  • d3lic (1157 posts)
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    1. She is so not helping.

    The EPA has now been totally eviscerated, while she’s helped her team keep the nation in a frenzy of absurd speculations worthy of being played out in the game Deus Ex.  There could be whole sub-forums dedicated to analyzing the plots.  We’ve got the USA vs The Russians, al-Qaeda, ISIL, “the deep state”, “IC”, “fake news”.  At the core of it all, we’ve got war, the total domination of war.  The (birther) POTUS (who made his bones accusing his predecessor of being a Kenyan Muslim sleeper agent) stands accused of being a traitor, in an excruciatingly evil firework explosion set off by the ultimate bitch, karma. The democratic opposition is as eviscerated as is the EPA, the school system, the very notion of a regulated civil structure.  Ripped out like a rotten tooth from a skull already half dead.  And Rachel Maddow isn’t helping, at all.

    Why did she cross the road?

    For the ratings.  For $7+million.

    Whenever MSNBC is mentioned I’m always reminded of her and MSNBC war correspondent Richard ($10+million) Engel doing shows on site in Afghanistan, glorifying some kind of “exit”, where the two were play acting like children in a sandbox, mugging for the camera and delivering their feel-good lines, and she was already so far gone.  Then she came back all smiles and really cashed in.  All that talent thrown away for zillion dollar “punditry” as cookie cutter formulated as McDonald’s sandwiches.

    • Ichingcarpenter (4122 posts)
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      2. I agree but I think Colbert nailed it with her non story

      She did go on NBCs Jimmy Fallons show as a non schedule guest Wednesday night to explain?



      Even the brass at NBC News, the network cousin of Maddow’s cable channel MSNBC, were reportedly peeved.

      ‘It’s their cable network, but it’s still NBC News. [NBC] did not appreciate being kept in the dark,’ an inside source told Page Six.

      The insider went on to say that NBC brass only found out about Maddow’s scoop when she hyped it on Twitter in advance of the show.


      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4318934/Stephen-Colbert-roasts-Rachel-Maddow-Trump-taxes-hype.html#ixzz4bTtLr8q4
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      I don’t like Maddow so I thought this was unusual for Colbert to mock her

      • d3lic (1157 posts)
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        3. Eliza Cassan (news anchor) at Picus TV.

        Eliza Cassan is a holographic bot, an AI – programmed to mesmerize.

        She can be replaced by another formula, just like that.

        I was first – impressively – made aware of Colbert when he did the *Bush correspondent’s dinner thing.  He pushed his way into Jon Stewart territory.  I feel a niggling thing about all that humor reaching so far back.  It didn’t actually change things – I mean the same shit keeps going on and we all keep laughing about it, joking about ourselves, for decades, for generations.  I also remember that although I laughed, I knew I was also somehow selling myself short.


        • Ichingcarpenter (4122 posts)
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          4. Which is why Bill Hicks & George Carlin resonate with a growing public awarness

          Of  their work and the truths they told.

          They never had a network job and for good reason.

          • d3lic (1157 posts)
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            5. Aside from entertaining us,

            helping us laugh at our helplessness, what did they do?

            The US still doesn’t have universal health care.  Oh shit, the story doesn’t end just there, the US is so totally racing itself to the bottom.  The US is openly calculating how much torture the people can stand.  Somehow or other, despite all the humor of these fine comedians, who kept the people amused, the USA is a basket case.

      • hollys mom (907 posts)
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        6. she was also a guest on Jimmy Fallon running against Colbert.

        so it was a perfect storm for him.

        I thought it was funny, especially the now, …. after the break.

    • FourScore (407 posts)
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      10. This is so spot-on!! Well done. n/t

  • NV Wino (5133 posts)
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    7. That's hilarious!

    Resist-sm_zpswfchkz8t “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee  
  • goodgirl (2184 posts)
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    8. Too funny!

    He nailed her!

    Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
  • senz (5386 posts)
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    9. He did a good job!

    Enjoyed it, thanks!

  • FourScore (407 posts)
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    11. This is GREAT!! I wish he'd make this a regular thing. n/t

  • bvar22 (338 posts)
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    12. Rachel!

    Rachel ain’t giving up HER 1st Class seat on the Titanic.

    It distresses me to see her transformed into a puppet, though now I can see that she was ALWAYS a puppet.


  • Major Hogwash (2777 posts)
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    13. Colbert is outrageous.

    I didn’t know what this was all about until Colbert did this bit.

    I haven’t watched Rachel’s program for over 10 years. She’s not a journalist, she’s just another “OMG! Look who I have tonight on my program!” bullshit artist. And then she degenerated into talking about her supposed great bartending skills, for some fucking reason. I gave up on the entire MSNBC network as them trying to be a counter programming alternative to Faux Snooze years ago when they kept talking about each other. Like they were a pair of spoiled brats forced to sit across the room from each other, and reduced to sticking their tongues out at each other.

    Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
  • Passionate Progressive (1708 posts)
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    14. Lionel Nation predicted Rachel would become the substance of comedy material

    I was just surprised that it happened so quickly.

  • newsjunkie (654 posts)
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    15. About effin time. The Bill o'Reilly thing only lasted so long.. and now

    Stick it to ’em Stephen. Guess it’s part of another ratings war. Rachel just surpassed O’Reilly as of this week, so – the beat goes on la la la la la.