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      STRATCOM to Congress: “The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option.”

      “Stop the ‘saber-rattling’ and begin de-escalation before Russia-Ukraine conflict turns into ‘nuclear holocaust,’ Tulsi Gabbard tells Biden.

      “Are we prepared to see our loved ones burn alive in a nuclear holocaust in a war with Russia over Ukraine? If not, cut out the macho saber rattling and deescalate before it’s too late.” – Tulsi Gabbard

      Gabbard is correct, and was right to give such a confrontational account of what we are looking at.

      But if you read the replies to Gabbard’s tweet in which she shared a clip from the interview, you’ll see a deluge of commenters accusing her of “hyperbole”, saying she’s being soft on Putin, and admonishing her for appearing on Tucker Carlson. It’s like they can’t even hear what she’s saying, how real it is, how significant it is.

      The Twitter Thread…

      People’s failure to wrap their minds around this issue is a testament to the power of normalcy bias, a cognitive glitch which causes us to assume that because something bad hasn’t happened in the past, it won’t happen in the future. Believing we’ll survive this cold war just because we survived the last one is as sane as believing Russian roulette is safe because the guy passing you the gun didn’t die.
      The rising threat of nuclear war is the most urgent matter in the world.

      This is so much bigger than any of the petty little things we spend our mental energy on from day to day.
      It’s bigger than whatever your number one pet issue is.
      It’s bigger than your disdain for Moscow or Beijing.
      It’s bigger than my disdain for the US empire.
      It’s bigger than our political opinions.
      It’s bigger than whatever argument we might be having on the internet.
      It’s bigger than whether or not we’ve got a problem with Tulsi Gabbard appearing on Tucker Carlson.

      Because once the nukes start flying, none of that will matter. None of it. All that will matter is the fact that this is all ending. If you open the door and see a mushroom cloud growing on the horizon, all of your mental priorities will rearrange themselves real quick.
      We should not be in this situation. There is no good reason governments should be playing these games with these weapons.
      There is no good reason we can’t just get along with each other and collaborate toward a healthy world together. Only the psychopathic agendas of power-hungry imperialists perpetuate this insane balancing act, and it benefits none of us ordinary people in any way.

      Full Article by Caitlin Johnstone…

      Hawaii False Alarm Nuclear Test…(YouTube)…

      What a real one would look like (“Important people” would be in bunkers)…(YouTube)…

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      As much as we get spooked by the saber rattling, and shows like “The Day After”, it’s all for show. To keep the MIC fed.

      The only way the real thing will happen is if there is an accidental launch on BOTH sides. If there was only an accidental launch on one side, there probably wouldn’t be any revenge launch from the other side.


      It would be HORRIBLY BAD for business, and by extension the billionaires who run things. Those billionaires would survive in their bunkers, of course. But what kind of a world do they want to live in where they can’t keep their fragile psychological selves propped up by smugly thinking 24×7 of the billions of people whom they are “better” than because of the wealth they have.

      I can’t think more than 10% of people aren’t aware of the fact that the .01% runs EVERYTHING on the planet. Although most people aren’t aware of the fact that almost the entire reason that greedy billionaires want even more is because, psychologically speaking, they are tiny 2 year olds who need constant reassurance.

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      Passionate Progressive
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      What we have now is the worst and the dullest.

      And I don’t have any faith that the establishment won’t let it happen – their handling of planetary global heating and other ecological damages (water in Flint, MI) is exhibit A.  The mishandling of the Covid pandemic is exhibit B.

      The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.....Martin Luther King '63

      It takes all the technical proficiency our system can provide to make up for the woeful lack of popular support and political savvy of most of the regimes that the West has thus far sought to prop up.........Bernard Fall

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      “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” ― Robert Oppenheimer

      ** “My guess is that nuclear weapons will be used sometime in the next hundred years, but that their use is much more likely to be small and limited than widespread and unconstrained.” — Herman Kahn

      ** “The indefinite combination of human fallibility and nuclear weapons will lead to the destruction of nations.” — Robert McNamara

      ** “They’ll be no learning period with nuclear weapons. Make one mistake and you’re going to destroy nations.” — Robert McNamara

      “Although September 11 was horrible, it didn’t threaten the survival of the human race, like nuclear weapons do.” — Stephen Hawking

      “The American government is making nuclear weapons like there’s no tomorrow.” — Emo Philips (comedian)

      Diane Feinstein Michael Moore seem to agree…

      “The sole purpose of nuclear weapons must be to deter their use by others.” — Dianne Feinstein

      “North Korea has taught a great lesson to all the countries in the world, especially the rogue countries of dictatorships or whatever: if you don’t want to be invaded by America, get some nuclear weapons.” — Michael Moore

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      Babel 17
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      David the Gnome
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      That nuclear weapons might be used – and not by accident.  It was no accident when we dropped the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It would be no accident if we dropped them on Moscow, or if Russia dropped them on New York or LA.  The reason would be the same as it was then – avoid a much longer war in which a ground invasion costs millions of lives, force the enemy’s surrender through sheer overwhelming force and destruction.  Of course, there would be differences, the nukes are a lot bigger now and more likely to come via missile.  That – and a lot of Countries have some.  The U.S. and Russia just have insane amounts.

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      The thing is Bonobong our world wars did not start with the big cheeses, they started with the little nothing countries on the edges. We also had at the time a government that was not fully owned by a bunch of creepy Oligarchs.  So yes it could happen very easily. Here is an example, Israel has been chest thumping over it’s attacks on Iran, and Iraq Syria Hezbollah, and Iran, have had enough and let Israel and the US know they will attack the centers of Israel if it continues. The Us behavior is well beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life time at this point their are no adults in the room to be found, so yes Caitlin is very correct


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