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  • WillyT (12538 posts)

    'Stopping Cuts Isn't Enough': Sanders Joins Over 150 Democrats to Launch 'Expand

    ‘Stopping Cuts Isn’t Enough’: Sanders Joins Over 150 Democrats to Launch ‘Expand Social Security Caucus’ – CommonDreams



    As the Republican Party continues to be quite explicit about its ultimate goal of slashing the safety net to pay for deficit-exploding tax cuts for their wealthy donors, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joined 150 Democrats from both houses of Congress on Thursday to launch the Expand Social Security Caucus, which will work to combat the GOP’s efforts to gut the program and move to make it even stronger.

    “We are here today to say very loudly and very clearly that at a time when millions of seniors are trying to survive on $12,000 or $13,000 a year, our job is not to cut Social Security,” Sanders said in a statement. “Our job is to expand Social Security so that everyone in America can retire with dignity and respect.”

    In a jab at the soon-to-be-retired Wisconsin congressman whose lifelong dream has been to obliterate the safety net, Sanders added on Twitter, “Hear that, Paul Ryan?”


    We are not going to let Social Security be destroyed. Today, 18 senators and 140 House members are founding the Expand Social Security Caucus to make sure seniors can retire in dignity.

    Hear that, Paul Ryan?

    — Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) September 13, 2018

    The formation of the Expand Social Security Caucus is another strong indicator of how successful progressive activists and lawmakers like Sanders have been in changing the Democratic Party’s position on the crucial program, which former President Barack Obama offered to cut on multiple occasions as part of a “grand bargain” with the Republican Party.



    More: https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/09/13/stopping-cuts-isnt-enough-sanders-joins-over-150-democrats-launch-expand-social



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  • nevereVereven (5808 posts)

    1. Heartily recommended!

    Trump is a fool who may yet blunder us into war; the Dems and the Deep State cabal would give us war by design.

  • retired liberal (2847 posts)

    2. It'd be nice if the Social Security increases would keep up with inflation.

    Maybe retroactive back to 1990. Just think of the boost in the actual, the Main Street economy that would make.

    No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up. Lily Tomlin ::: Society would be much better off if a simple law was passed... That upon a Company/Organization acting unlawfully, the Directors/Executives/Senior Management (and anyone directly involved) shall be held personally liable and upon successful prosecution will face jail time.
  • Enthusiast (15880 posts)

    3. It would stimulate the fuck out of the economy!

    "I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." Thomas Jefferson