Strawpoll: Who do you currently MOST support for the 2020 DNC presidential nomination?

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      Land of Enchantment
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      though I guess Betomania II (Electric Boogaloo) hasn’t peaked yet

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      I was hoping that our Queen would be on the list

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      Babel 17
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      Bobbie O’Rourke won’t be in the mix for all that long, imo, the jokes about his DNA testing revealing he’s not really of Spanish descent write themself.

      The millenials won’t trust him once they learn of his wealth, and voting record. A moderate Democrat from Texas will never be confused with a progressive in a lot of the primaries he’d have to be competitive in.

      He’ll get crushed on the east coast, as he hasn’t a chance in states Sanders got roundly defeated by Clinton in due the perception she’d “been there”, to a better degree than Sanders, for African Americans.

      Bernie gets that title now, and among the millions of lower income people in those states he’s highly respected. New York loves a Kennedyesque figure, but progressive purity is a big deal in the primaries. The party machine got Clinton her pass on that, the fix won’t be in for Bobbie.

      Bernie has excellent roots in New York City, and Brooklyn will be a mighty base for him.


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      Currently Sanders 40% O’Rourke 20

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      Babel 17
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      Pennsylvanians will spit on Bobby’s fancy shoes, if he dares wear them, and want to hear rabble rousing that talks of how monied interests abuse the salt of the earth kind of people in their state.

      Bobbie won’t be a good fit for any of the rust belt. He’s loaded, and he comes from a wealthy state.


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        Babel 17
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        Harris however can consistently rack up the votes. And, once the field narrows, both Barack and Michelle Obama, and the party establishment, might get behind her. New York is progressive, but it’s still dominated by the old school liberal elites, and if Harris has Obama’s blessing (and Clinton might want in as well), she’d have the advantage of the party machine in NY. Cuomo and de Blasio will want to play it safe, but if the fix looks to be in then they’ll jump on board.

        Harris is basically a cypher to most voters now though, and to my eyes she looks vulnerable to providing some damaging messaging. She’s going to have to provide an extensive narrative about who she is, where she’s been, and where she wants to go. She’s vulnerable on all of that, and running nation wide for the Democratic nomination won’t be like running in California. Bull stuff will get prominently called out.

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      have more votes than The Most Qualified Candidate In American History,  Shillary!

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      who the fuk is voting for Beato?!

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      All of them get a distinct “Maybe.  And, that’s a promise.” when it comes to voting for them.

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      Am glad that Bernie got over 50% of the vote here.

      none yet

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      that whomever posted this poll is NOT getting the results they were looking for.

      Of course this would also be the type of person who would spin the results as “Beto O Rourke takes a commanding lead over all other Democratic candidates”, using the tired “Bernie is not a Democrat” line to ignore that he has over 50% of the vote.

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      Bernie Sanders 50.86 % (622 votes)

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