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  • Omaha Steve (985 posts)
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    Stray Dog Needed Surgery To Amputate His Broken Leg, So 2nd-Graders Came Togethe


    A dog named Ryker was found abandoned with a broken leg last month in Topeka, Kansas. He was taken to the Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka.

    The shelter posted on their Facebook page, telling Ryker’s story and asking for donations to help pay for the surgery to amputate his leg.

    A second grade class at Shawnee Heights Elementary School saw the shelter’s post online and knew instantly that they wanted to help this poor pup. Students collected as much money as they could, and got together $450 in just one day, which was enough money to pay for Ryker’s surgery!

    Ryker was so thankful for the students’ generosity, that he went to visit them at school. The children were so happy and surprised to see their furry three-legged friend. They each received a personalized ‘thank you’ card, signed with a paw-print.

    Watch Ryker visiting the students in the video below:


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  • FanBoy (6340 posts)
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    1. I wondered how a grade school class could raise so much money in one day.

    Median income in Tecumseh, KS where this school is located is $70.5 K, about $20K higher than US median income.  It’s a rather well-off bedroom community of Topeka.


    Nice of the kids to think of it though.


  • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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    2. It's stories like this that give me hope. An amazing story. Thank you.

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  • Live and Learn (1506 posts)
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    3. So cool. Thanks for sharing.