Strike looms in Los Angeles as struggles by educators set to continue in 2019

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      This is an excellent analysis of the struggle being waged worldwide by educators. Well worth the read, IMHO. From the article:

      The new year is set to begin with teachers around the world determined to reverse decades of attacks on jobs, working conditions and the right to high quality public education. Fearing the continued escalation of the teacher rebellion of 2018, the US News and World Report and other corporate media outlets are already warning that “2019 could bring more of the same.”

      All indications point to an even more explosive series of struggles. Following a powerful rally of 50,000 educators, students and parents in Los Angeles on December 15, more than 30,000 teachers are scheduled to walk out January 10. A walkout in the second largest school district in the US would be the first since 1989.


      Iranian teachers have held sit-ins in more than a dozen cities, in protests beginning in the summer and continuing through November. They described “painfully low wages” and the degradation of quality public education. Recent teacher strikes and struggles have gripped New Zealand, Pakistan, Cyprus, Sierra Leone, Tasmania and more.


      The defunding of education in California has been a bipartisan effort prosecuted primarily by the Democratic Party. Except for one year, the state assembly has been in Democratic hands since 1970 with the state senate under continuous Democratic control. The Democrats currently have a supermajority in both houses. Moreover, governors and state superintendents of public instruction have also been, in their majority, Democratic throughout this period. This mirrors the policy of the Democrats nationally with the Obama administration and his Race to the Top responsible for the greatest inroads on federal funding to education.

      (link to full article)


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      We need more of this. Much more.

      Greg Lapalina

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