Striketober: Sleeping Giant of US Labor Movement Begins to Stir

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      (Socialist Revolution) The US has been hit by a “Striketober” of industrial action across a range of sectors: from healthcare to construction; carpentry to coal mining; media to communications; snack foods and cereal manufacturing. In all, 100,000 workers voted to authorize strike action this month.

      The old union bureaucrats have undermined some of these struggles, but they are straining against the rising militancy of a working class that is unwilling to shoulder the economic burden of the pandemic crisis while the bosses’ profits soar.

      The profound economic dislocation over the past 18 months is shaking up the system, and setting the stage for a turning point in the American class struggle.

      Having risked their lives and made colossal sacrifices, healthcare workers are now demanding their due. 24,000 nurses and other employees at the Kaiser Permanente consortium in California voted to strike this month, alongside further 10,000 Kaiser-employed health workers in Oregon.

      Full article hereGood list of current strikes going on inside. I had not heard of all of them. 

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