Suicide of 17-Year-Old Worker Exposes Horrific Exploitation in Chinese “Factory Internships”

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      We(Socialist Revolution) received the following report about a horrific practice in China, where school students are contracted to work in factories by their schools and forced to toil in slave-like conditions. The original report was published on The Spark, the website of the Taiwanese supporters of the International Marxist Tendency. 

      Consecutive night shifts, long working hours, high intensity labor, machine-like life, brutal management, and extremely low hourly wages. These are the daily realities of the Chinese working class. Despite the fact that they are told they are the supposed “masters of the country” in the “new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,” in many respects, workers today live lives not unlike those of the “indentured workers” (包身工) of the 1930s, as depicted in the works of Chinese playwright Xia Yan.

      Recently, a 17-year-old Hubei boy named Sun committed suicide after having endured over half a month of this kind of indentured servitude. Sun was a junior high school student at the Hanjiang Science and Technology School in Shiyan, Hubei province (ironically, the school was previously awarded with honorary titles such as “advanced educational institution,” “advanced institution in rural vocational education,” and “Starfire Technology Demonstration School”). This is a vocational secondary school, or a school within the so-called “vocational education” system in China. After this tragic death, the story began to spread on the internet, provoking a lot of heated discussion about the nature of China’s vocational education system, and the state of society in general.

      On June 10, more than 90 students, including Sun, were illegally placed by their school in a private factory in Shenzhen for a three-month period of forced labor. This was, supposedly, a daily ‘rehearsal’ for the practical internship component of the vocational education system. Instead of improving their skills, or imparting knowledge and experience, what awaited these students was slave-like toil.

      The hourly wage for the students in the internship is 14RMB (around $2.16), far lower than the standard hourly wage of 26RMB per hour (around $4) in China. So-called “professional internships” are completely unrelated to the professions that the students are training for. Where students and parents have questioned these arrangements, schools have responded by issuing threats to expel the students from the program in order to silence dissent. With the school in control of the students’ diplomas, the latter are intimidated into what is effectively forced labor.

      Full story hereThis just goes to show that the Chinese Communist Party is not socialist at all, but a kind of state capitalist organization. 

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      Is getting a woody just thinking about this.

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