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Home Main Forums Latest Breaking News Sunshine: Wisconsin Republicans secret briefings to sidestep open meeting law

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  • ThouArtThat (2846 posts)
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    1. When All Barnches Of Government Are Owned By Corporations

    And When Protestors Can Be Indefinitely Detained As Terrorists,

    One suspects that these Republicans could really care less.

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  • HassleCat (354 posts)
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    2. Nostalgia for Wisconsin

    That’s where I was born, pooped in many diapers, found out about older women, and lots of other stuff I don’t remember. I go back every summer for family reunions, but I’m OK with not living there anymore.

    • bobthedrummer (1617 posts)
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      3. It is a freaking 2017 neo-nazis in business attire mess-literally. n/t


      All power to the People.