Superfast-charging aluminum-ion batteries outpower lithium-ion

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      In experiments performed by the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Queensland, coin cell prototypes of the new battery delivered the following key performance figures. Firstly, a power density around 7,000 W/kg. Power density puts a number on how quickly a cell can charge and discharge. With current lithium-ion batteries sitting between 250-700 W/kg, this is a huge leap, and it puts the aluminum-ion battery nearly on the level of ultracapacitors, which can deliver around 12,000-14,000 W/kg.

      Secondly, an energy density of 150-160 Wh/kg – so it carries only around 60 percent of the energy per weight of today’s best commercial lithium-ion cells.

      Energy density has long been the key spec sheet number for electric car batteries; the greater the energy density, the more range you can get out of your battery pack. So on energy density alone, this new GMG battery wouldn’t get a second glance from an EV manufacturer.

      But its monster charge rate could change that, along with a couple of other key advantages. These things can charge so fast, says GMG, that a mobile phone running on this aluminum-ion tech could get a full charge in 1-5 minutes. Take that concept across to the electric car world, and you’re looking at an EV that travels 60 percent as far as an equivalent Tesla on a charge, but that charges so damn fast that range might become far less of an issue.

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