Supreme Court refuses to restore Trump's temporary asylum restrictions

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      The Hill:

      The Supreme Court on Friday refused a request from the Trump administration to restore newly implemented restrictions that would prevent some migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally from applying for asylum.

      In documents first reported by BuzzFeed News, the court denied a motion from the Justice Department following a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month that rejected the Trump administration’s efforts to delay a judge’s order blocking the new asylum policy.


      The decision was a narrow 5-4 ruling, with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the court’s more liberal justices against the administration’s request for a stay.

      Link to article.

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      as Trump’s SC stalwart. This gives me hope for other issues that will come before the Court–he is likely to become the “swing” vote. Whodathunkit?

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