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    Syria Won’t Return to Dictatorship Post War – PYD

    ‘Syria Won’t Return to Dictatorship Post War’ – Salih Muslim

    Mr Salih Muslim is co-president of the Democratic Union Party or PYD. The PYD is one of the most dominant players in Syria; currently this is mostly because of its control over that most effective and formidable Kurdish militia YPG/YPJ, significant popular support, and its effective organization. In an exclusive interview with Manish Rai, Editor, ViewsAround (VA) he speaks about his party’s role in post war Syria.

    Question: What relations will be pursued by Kurds with the government in Damascus after the war is over?

    Muslim: We believe that Syria will not return to dictatorship after all the destruction and massacres. Therefore, a new Syria must be built with new relationships between all socio-ethnic groups. In Rojava, we managed to get rid of the regime in mid-2012 and established our democratic self-administration. With the expansion of the liberated areas, we proposed the democratic federal project for the future of Syria. This project is based on geography and not ethnicity. In the liberated areas of Syria, all socio-ethnic groups held a conference and declared “the federal democratic region of northern Syria.” It will administrator its own affairs until a political solution for Syria has been reached. Relationships with Damascus and the rest of Syria will be determined according to this new reality.

    Question – What role will the PYD play in post war Syria?

    Muslim: The PYD was a banned political party before the Syrian revolution. With the revolution, the PYD played a leading role in Rojava and northern Syria. The Democratic Self-Administration issued a law that regulates the work of political parties (Political Parties Law), and since then our party, together with other political parties, got a licence to work in Rojava and northern Syria. Currently, the PYD is a legitimate and legal party within the democratic federal region of northern Syria. Similar to any political party in a democratic country, the PYD will continue its political work within a democratic federal Syria in the post war period according to the terms of the social contract and the laws that might be passed.

    Question – What do you think will be the legal status of Rojava in the coming time – will it be be an autonomous region, federation or an independent state?

    Muslim: A few days ago the federal democratic region of northern Syria within the project of democratic federal Syria, was announced. Rojava is part of this federal project, i.e. is part of the federal democratic region of northern Syria together with any other liberated areas.

    In other words, the three cantons of Rojava will be part of the federal region.

    Question – Do you think Dr Bashar Al-Assad can still continue as a head of the state or he has to step down for any peace settlement?

    Muslim: The future position of President Assad is linked to the political solution and its outcomes. Some opposition groups want him to step down as a precondition, while other opposition groups want him to step down at the beginning of the transition period and others want him to stay. However, the important thing for us is that the Syrian people and their real representatives should decide this issue. If stepping down would help the political solution and brings about the desired peace and stability, then it is obvious that he should step down.


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