Syrians Broadly Welcome US Withdrawal

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      While US media coverage of the withdrawal from Syria has been presented as sending the entire world into a tizzy about what will happen next, with the Syrians presented as viewing the pullout as an “American betrayal.”

      That may hold true for Syrian Kurds, the one group of allies the US has kept in the war, but most everyone else seems upbeat about the prospect of a US withdrawal. Syrians living in Turkish-backed territory in particular are hopeful this will mean the return of some cities which the US backed the Kurdish YPG in taking to the population largely driven out by the fighting.

      Those in the Syrian government’s territory also clearly benefit, as while the US is never entirely openly at war with them, US attacks aren’t unheard of, and even in the best of times the US has tried to destabilize those areas in the name of regime change.

      Kurdish areas are less hopeful, with a Turkish invasion looming. Yet Turkey’s past attacks on Kurdish areas have shown that a US presence has limited impact on that at any rate. Nevertheless, the US has long viewed the YPG as a temporary alliance, and was never going to scrap historical ties to Turkey in favor of them.

      Syrians Broadly Welcome US Withdrawal

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      It appears our withdrawal makes Turkey very happy, if not downright delighted. The Turks are very paranoid about losing some territory if an independent Kurdistan ever happens, and this is what we sort of on-again, off-again supported by protecting the Kurds. Now Turkey is free to persecute the Kurds and push them out of anything or anywhere Turkey considers its domain. This seems nasty payback for the Kurds, who helped us out in Iraq, but maybe our brilliant president figured they outlived their usefulness.

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