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Home Main Forums General Discussion T. Frank: "Hillary's book is all about 'Don't blame ME.'"

  • MisterTwister (312 posts)
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    T. Frank: "Hillary's book is all about 'Don't blame ME.'"



    No real blame ever settles anywhere near Clinton’s person. And while she wrestles gamely with the larger historical question of why the party of the people has withered as inequality grows, she never offers a satisfying answer. Instead, most of the blame is directed outward, at familiar suspects like James Comey, the Russians and the media.

    Still, by exercising a little discernment, readers can find clues to the mystery of 2016 here and there among the clouds of blame-evasion and positive thinking.

    . . . .

    Countless inconvenient items get deleted from her history. She only writes about trade, for example, in the most general terms; Nafta and the TPP never. Her husband’s program of bank deregulation is photoshopped out. The names Goldman Sachs and Walmart never come up.

    Besides, to take populism seriously might also mean that Bernie Sanders, who was “outraged about everything,” might have had a point, and much of What Happened is dedicated to blasting Sanders for challenging Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Given that he later endorsed her and even campaigned for her, this can only be described as churlish, if not downright dishonest.


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  • 99thMonkey (4161 posts)
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    1. JPR Rec-to-the-MAX. A most excellent read. Thanks for posting this.

  • Hobbit709 (3958 posts)
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    2. "Churlish" is a very apt description of her behavior.

    I won't shut up and I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing
    • Haikugal (7369 posts)
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      3. Yes it is, very appropriate.

  • Peace Patriot (3751 posts)
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    4. Nope, I think we need a bigger frame to understand Hillary's book and Hillary.

    For one thing, why did she let Bernie Sanders, an Independent, run in the Democratic Primary?  She could have said no, and the DNC and the entire Democratic establishment would have backed her up.

    It was sneaky shit.  Bernie was unknown, near zero name recognition, no money, a socialist whom the Corporate Media were sure to ignore most of the time when they weren’t ridiculing him.  They would get their orders and he would be done for.  His Primary campaign was to be the death of the Left, the death of the New Deal, the graveyard of populist policy, ended forever, by the sinking into oblivion of this silly old man with wild white hair.

    Lo and behold, he took off!  People loved him!  People rallied to his ideas.  His campaign couldn’t find venues big enough for the tens of thousands of Americans who wanted to hear him in person.  He start raising millions of dollars in small donations.  Must have sent electric shocks through the Clinton campaign and their fawning media.  How to stop him?  How to cripple him?  Get David Brock to work on dirty tricks and propaganda to paint Bernie Sanders – of all people! – as a sexist and a racist.  And when all that filth wasn’t working – Bernie just became more and more popular – by January (early in the Primary) he was beating Trump, for godssakes, by big numbers, in all polls, while Hillary was struggling (barely tying Trump or losing to Trump) – setting up outright election rigging mechanisms to deny him the nomination.

    In the book, Hillary pummels Bernie for running against him. SHE LET HIM DO SO!   Why?  Because she wanted an honest debate?  Ha-ha-ha!

    Nope, she wanted to kill the Left, while making her coronation look honest (because she had an adversary).

    So there’s that.  The Primary was rigged for Hillary, with an easy foil for her to beat – Bernie – and the added plus of burying the New Deal once and for all – and the GE was to be similar – rigged for Hillary, promised to Hillary (get to that in a minute) – with an easily beatable foe, Trump, who was given 24/7 free TV by the Corporate Media, month after month, for that purpose (or that apparent purpose): roadkill for Hillary.

    But the frame needs to be even bigger than the conniving conspiracies of the corrupt Democratic Party leadership, to understand Hillary and her book.  Who was she working for?  Who “blooded” her in Libya and then befriended her in public view?  Neo-Cons.  Robert Kagan, Henry Kissinger.  Who made her a multi-millionaire in a very short time, and why?  The Looting Class.  Why?  Because they stood to make out like bandits from continued de-regulation, disguised as “liberalism,” and war profiteering from continued and expanding resource wars, disguised as “the war on terror.”  The schemes of the multi-billionaires of this world, and their co-conspirators in the Deep State, are evident, and obvious, in Hillary’s campaign for president.

    But what is even more evident, and obvious, is that an internal war broke out within the Deep State and its cabal of billionaires, banksters and war profiteers, along this general battle line:  Those who wanted to nuke Russia (or at least achieve “regime change” in Russia and re-gain control of it, a la Boris Yeltsin) vs those who wanted to do business with Russia and the emerging multi-polar world of which Russia is a member in good standing.

    This internal Deep State war erupted into public view in the General Election 2016 and its aftermath – with, for instance, the CIA coming out of its deep, dank closet – where it is surrounded by laws against its interference in domestic affairs – and advocating for overthrow of the s/elected president – Trump.  We haven’t seen anything like this since they blew JFK’s head off for seeking world peace.  Not that this midget of a man, Trump, is in the least comparable to JFK.  He isn’t.  He, too, is a tool.  But the situation is comparable.  They DIDN’T WANT Trump as president, and they went all out – including their laughable concoctions about Russia – to bring him down.   And the clear implication is that they wanted Hillary Clinton.  She was the CIA’s candidate!

    And it was they, in my view – the CIA – acting on behalf of the NeoCon cabal within the Deep State, who promised Hillary the White House.  This is WHY she ran one of the worst major presidential campaigns anybody has ever witnessed – she knew it was to be rigged in her favor.  She didn’t have to do much.  She could kiss off huge chunks of voters.  She could spit on the leftist majority. She believed this – that it would be rigged for her – all through the campaign until the last week before the GE, and apparently (given her demeanor) through the GE and beyond.

    I don’t have a guess as to whether or not she knew what-all was going on in the internal war within the Deep State.  She seemed genuinely shocked that the CIA could not fulfill its promise.  It was supposed to be hers.  She was Ms. Inevitable.  Everybody thought so.  She thought so.  And, WTF?  The CIA couldn’t rig an election?   What happened?

    That’s the real question that needs answering.  The master riggers of elections, the CIA, got out-maneuvered and out-rigged.  And the CIA itself was so flummoxed by this failure that they came out into the open to try to undo it – to try to get rid of Trump, or at least hobble him – and salvage their nuke-Russia or regime-change-in-Russia project, with the absurd “Russia did it.”  There is zero evidence that “Russia did it,” and lots of evidence to the contrary, but evidence never stopped the CIA from lying.  And lie they did.  And they are still at it.

    It’s interesting that the CIA set up a “Russia did it” cover story for their assassination of JFK, in order to get the nuking of Russia that they wanted back then, and that JFK had refused to do.  (See, “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters,” by James Douglass, and “The Devil’s Chessboard,” by David Talbot.)  They had reason to abandon that cover story and go with the ridiculous “lone gunman” theory.  But I’m just saying: “Russia did it” has been around a long time.

    Anyway, this post-GE activity by the CIA is quite a tell.  It tells about their having a candidate in the race, and that it was Hillary.  It tells of one of their objects in having their tool in the White House – get Russia.  (They have special ire for Russia, lately, because Russia is stopping their jihadist proxy war in Syria.)   It tells why Hillary felt so confident that she would win.  And it tells us why she lost:  The combo of the rigging promise and her hubris and incompetence cost her the numbers she needed to overcome the other rigging team, or to survive last-minute abandonment by some of her Overlord sponsors ( – who maybe got spooked by FBI investigations of the Clinton Foundation – an alternative “what happened” scenario).

    What happened?  Of course Hillary will never tell – partly because she may not fully understand the Deep State internal war that she became a pawn in.  Why would anybody in the Deep State and its cabal not want her?   She was doing everything she could to please these masters of the universe.  She may be genuinely puzzled by her downfall.  But, bottom line, some very powerful actors didn’t want her, and she is behaving like “a woman scorned”  – irrationally blaming her staff, the DNC, the media (??? that Hillary fan club?), Bernie – whom she agreed to have run against her, as her easy foil and Primary window-dressing, with which to plunge a silver stake into the New Deal’s heart – David Brock’s “Bernie bros,” sexists, racists, James Comey, Russians, Wikileaks, hungry, jobless people who want “ponies” – her blame list is long and ultimately silly, and a big distraction.

    Another possibility is that the CIA wrote the book.


    • MisterTwister (312 posts)
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      6. This is a brilliant analysis . . .

      and right on.

      It was the same idea as their covert support for Trump so he’d end up the nominee, another shoot-yourself-in-the-foot idea.

    • INTJ (3567 posts)
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      7. I was sure it was ghost written… I hadn't considered spook written!!

      Consider the policy?  Hey, choosing to run on Identity Politics -IS- a policy decision.  
      • Dumbo (2 posts)
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        8. No. It was written by Russians!

  • B Calm (1223 posts)
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    5. but, Don't blame ME is a Republican trait!

    Never mind. .

    “When I was a kid growing up, I think my instincts always were for the underdog.” – Bernie Sanders    
  • Enthusiast (13117 posts)
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    9. Hillary is 100% responsible for President Trump.

    "I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." Thomas Jefferson