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    Taibbi:How Unhinged And Removed From Reason Is The Discourse Over Russia & Trump

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    1. I Have A Subscription To Rolling Stone… I Read His Article In My Last

    issue.  He wrote one in an earlier issue too.


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    2. Didn't Get This One Yet… Perhaps Tomorrow… n/t

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    3. I can't figure out why Taibbi thinks there is a case re: Russian hacking

    the case that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee now appears fairly solid

    Has he explained anywhere why on earth he thinks this? I expect more of him in terms of what cases he finds “solid”.

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      4. A Republican on the intelligence committee cinfirmed in pbs that

      there was evidence of ther interference in the election.  He mentioned hacking but not of the DNC specifically.  I’m starting to think there might be someting yo it/

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    5. I am a fan of Taibbi

    And I am not one of those dreary online souls who says, “X was wrong about something so fuck X.”


    I also noted the equally unfounded assertion about Russia “hacking” the DNC — I think Matt is dead wrong about that.


    But my main disagreement with Matt here is his point of reference — advising the rest of the main stream media to be careful with CIA bullshit as it may wind up helping Trump.  This is ridiculous coming and going.  In the first place, the MSM is a conduit for CIA bullshit, and all those NYT and WaPo Big Foot Opinionators are doing their jobs — passing on CIA bullshit.  In the second place, politicians come and go but the circus plays forever.  The MSM may be hyperventilating in terms of its rhetoric about Trump, but you  will note that seven weeks into the Trump Night Mare, nothing of significance has happened with all this Russia hysteria.  And nothing will.

    In general, I think Matt undercuts his own powerful point about Clapper’s admission that there is no evidence for ANY of it.

    So I am not saying Fuck Matt Taibbi.  I just think this is one of his lamer efforts.  That also suggests to me that “even” Rolling Stone is not ready to speak the plain truth about the fraudulence of our public life.