Talking About Elizabeth Warren's Likability Is a Way to Tell Women to Sit Down and Shut Up

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      These Democrats, Politico reported, are complaining privately (as well as anonymously in print) that Warren is “too divisive” and “too liberal.” These two criticisms amount to the same thing—the degree to which she is liberal is what makes her divisive, in their view—but fine, sure. A somewhat substantive critique, and unsurprising given that Washington Democrats are generally Democrats who like the current system of lobbyist-run government and the money it puts in their pockets. Warren, a longtime consumer advocate and foe of big business, is undoubtedly not their favorite member of their party.

      Finally, these Washington Democrats say, Warren “shares too many of the attributes that sank Hillary Clinton.”

      Consider that Elizabeth Warren is not married to Bill Clinton. Consider that she has not been accused of covering up her husband’s transgressions including by threatening women who say he forced himself on them. There are people who believe that Hillary Clinton has literally had people murdered. This is not an accusation I have heard leveled against Warren. She is in no way affiliated with the Clinton Foundation. She was not Secretary of State and did not have a long, drawn-out email scandal. Warren is far more liberal than Clinton—which should be a positive factor for voters who preferred Bernie Sanders.

      What do Warren and Clinton have in common? They are both notably hard-working older women. That’s about their only shared attribute. Clinton doesn’t even wear glasses.

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