Tax Fraud Is An Earned Benefit For The Wealthy

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    But Trump voters apparently don’t care. Nor, I imagine, do some people who didn’t vote for Trump.

    Many people in this country clearly believe that being in the position to finagle your taxes, like the having the chance to cheat on your wife with porn stars and supermodels, is an earned privilege. Only a select few get to do these things, and many Americans don’t resent them — they envy them and daydream about being them. The cheating, both financial and sexual, doesn’t inspire moral outrage — it inspires something like hero-worship. Only great men get to live this way.

    Waldman adds:

    … We do know, however, that Trump believes paying taxes makes you a sucker. When Hillary Clinton suggested that he wasn’t paying any taxes, he responded, “That makes me smart.”
    And there was very little outrage when he said this. It’s rarely quoted. Remember also that many Americans find their own taxes incomprehensible and assume that, at the exalted level where they presume Trump lives, the tax code is designed to have workarounds for people with smart lawyers. (That’s essentially correct, of course.)

    The human race has few (if any) problems that couldn’t be solved by massive wealth.  And we’re literally surrounded by it, like a fly in amber.  Now if we only had brains… —Ben Bova

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